How to send Money from your Paypal account to your Bank in Cyprus?

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How to send Money from your Paypal account to your Bank in Cyprus?

Since Paypal enabled to connect Bank accounts in Cyprus  through your IBAN it is easy to send Money from your Paypal account to tour Bank in Cyprus.

In your Paypal account select 'Money' (top Menu) then 'Transfer Money', the 'Balance Manager' function is not enabled as of November 21, 2015 in Cyprus.

Select the sending account and the receiving accounts from the dropdowns then the amount to be transferred and validate. That's all to it.

Transfer funds from Paypal to a Bank account in Cyprus

A transfer takes a couple of business days to be credited in your bank account at no fees. It seems to follow SEPA rules.


Paypal transfer confirmation 

Withdraw Funds to Bank Account (Unique Transaction ID # 1XY23456Z78901234)

Total amount: -€50.00 EUR
Fee amount: 0.00 EUR
Net amount: -€50.00 EUR

Date:Nov 14, 2015
Time:10:09:24 PST

Bank Account
Transfer to: Name of your Bank in Cyprus (Confirmed) x-1234

Bank Account Credit

16/11/2015  INWARD FT1234567890IN123 by PayPal Europe S.a.r.>XYZ1BZ2345LW67K8 PAYPAL>XYZ1BZ2345LW67K8 PAYPAL FT1234567890IN12 €50,00
No fees have been charged. 

In this example the transfer of the funds from the Paypal account to a Bank account in Cyprus took 2 days.   

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EworksWSI Support
commented on 01-Mar-2017 11:07 AM 5 out of 5 stars
Hi jeetu thakur, in your Paypal business account you need to register your Cyprus Bank account through its IBAN number. When validated you can transfer funds to this account only, not to foreign bank accounts.
Best regards

jeetu thakur
commented on 09-Feb-2017 02:06 PM 5 out of 5 stars
i want code and details how to make money bank transfer

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