Can I open a Paypal account for my Association

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Can I open a Paypal account for my Association

You can open a PayPal account for your nonprofit organization and easily accept donations and or membership fees from supporters and members. The account type can be PayPal Payments Standard or Express Checkout. Your donors and members will complete their transactions on the PayPal website.

The Paypal account must be a PayPal Business account – not a Personal account – to accept donations for your organization.

If you want to benefit from the lower nonprofit Paypal transaction rates you’ll need to confirm your nonprofit status to be eligible for .


To begin the approval process, submit contact information, business URL, and a brief business summary to

Paypal might request that you provide:
  • Proof of your tax-exempt status or registration from a regulatory body
  • A copy of a bank statement or a voided check in the name of your organization
The exact documents required are based on the regulatory laws for each country.

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