If your Website Doesn’t Make you Money… it’s Just an Expense

An Income producing website must be more than just a pretty face. An attractive and relevant look and feel to your site is essential; however don't think that just having a website is a strategy. At WSI Cyprus we design websites with a “Call to Action” that correspond to your target market. If your website doesn’t make you money… it’s just an expense.

A well designed website will:

  • Generate leads or sales for your business
  • Spread brand awareness across the web
  • Let you engage customers and potential customers alike
  • Help you become a well known authority in your industry

Website Design in Cyprus

Most websites in Cyprus are so ill conceived and poorly designed that they are little more than monuments to their owners in Cyprus. Attracting enough visitors to your Website with an outstanding webdesign is only the first stage: If your Website is not designed for maximum conversion then your investment wasted.

Premium webdesign from EworksWSI CyprusAll Websites we design and build in Cyprus deliver increased Website traffic, much higher visitor conversion rates and, most importantly, maximum Return on your Investment.

There are many factors that make the difference between a successful Webdesign and a website from which visitors simply leave and never return to. Complex and flashy layouts may look good but are completely ineffective if your site's visitors can't find what they are looking for quickly and easily. In the same way, a site with endless blocks of text and little interactivity won't make visitors stay long enough to find out what your business has to offer.

People don't read on the Internet

WSI Research showed clearly: People do not read on the Internet… they scan! Visitors see headlines, images and bullet points. Depending on the personality type of your visitor, you have between 2 and 8 seconds to convince them to stay on your website and go deeper into it. They click in… take a quick peak… and click out if they don't find what they are looking for.


We understand the importance of balanced strategic webdesign

The Websites that we build are part of proven processes: The WSI ABCs of Internet Marketing™ and our Internet Marketing Lifecycle™ are our patented, strategic online marketing systems we use to create online success and long term profitability.

EworksWSI Cyprus webdesign site map

We start the development process with an agreed site plan. Designed into the site plan are the relevant funnels which enable your visitors to quickly and easily reach their particular points of interest. Special care is taken to ensure that your page elements, colours and graphics all work together to provide an enjoyable experience for your customers while projecting a professional image for your business.


Webdesign Concept Draft

At the beginning of the Design phase we will present our initial ideas to you as a unique Concept Draft. This Concept Draft will be based upon any initial creative guidelines and supporting materials you may have supplied. It will depict the visual look and feel of the website and will show a draft of the colour scheme and graphics that will be used. You will be fully involved in the development of the Concept Draft and modifications will be made based on your feedback. The Website will not be built until you are entirely happy with the design Concept Draft.

WSI Cyprus Internet Marketing webdesign draft example EworksWSI Digital Maketing webdesign Cyprus EworksWSI Cyprus web-design sample



Responsive webdesign in Cyprus

responsive webdesign Cyprus

We make your web design fluid, adaptive and responsive. EworksWSI creates web design that automatically conforms itself to multiple screen sizes.

Today more and more users are accessing the internet from their smart phones and tablets. New gadgets (like internet enabled game consoles, smart TVs, etc) of different sizes enter the market every week and web browsing from portable devices is expected to outpace desktop use by 2015.

Responsive Web Design means creating web sites which automatically adapt their content to any size screen.

Why go with a WSI webdesign

Our WSI eFusion platform provides tested responsive webdesign templates available for every Industry vertical

See reponsive webdesign template details

Responsive web design template for ArchitecsEvents Management Responsive Webdesign templateResponsive Webdesign template Golf ClubResponsive Webdesign template for Interior designers
General Paralax responsive Webdesign templateRecruitment Agency Responsive Webdesign templateResponsive Webdesign template for Travel AgenciesResponsive Webdesign template for Web Agencies
Wedding / Bridal boutique responsive webdesigmn templateWSI eFusion responsive webdesign templates


We have an extensive webdesign portfolio of our clients in Cyprus and abroad.


Read more about Webdesign techniques we provide in Cyprus

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