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AirBnB in Cyprus: Why Owners should be very careful ( this)

AirBnB in Cyprus: Why Owners should be very careful to avoid trouble with them


Summary: AirBnB in Cyprus: Why Owners should be very careful to avoid trouble with them

Cyprus had one the highest number in tourists visiting the Island in 2017 (1) and during high season, every single room was booked. Many property owners seized the opportunity and listed their place on AirBnB to rent it out to travelers.

Why AirBnB in Cyprus?

The name is globally known, they are making the most buzz (mostly negative as many big cities are trying to restrict them (2) ). Registration is easy: an email, a description, some pictures, a bank account where to receive your rent and you're done.

AirBnB has extensive and detailed cancellation and protection policies (3) that anyone can download. Everything looks fine.... until the first incident and a hard reality check. Suddenly you are in front of the AirBnB support / resolution Center: and then the hell begins:

Respect of Policies?

Timely communication?

Transparent and consistent calculations?

Taking owner's concerns into account?

AirBnB is a company

Yes, looks like a silly statement but a companie's goal is to make moeny and optimize profits. If you keep this in mind, AirBnB's reactions when confronted with problems will help you understand why they don't support anybody but themselves.

What's your experince with AirBnB in Cyprus? Let us have your story (it'll all stay confidential).






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