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Angry scenes at Lidl Strovolos in Cyprus ( this)

Angry scenes at Lidl Strovolos and Paralini in Cyprus for constantly unavailable Lidl dishwasher tablets W5 All in 1


Summary: Angry scenes at Lidl Strovolos and Paralini in Cyprus for constantly unavailable Lidl dishwasher tablets W5 All in 1

We witnessed angry scenes from upset customers at Lidl Strovolos and Paralimni complaining about the constant unavailability of the the advertised special offer 'Dishwasher tablets W5 All in 1'.

Lidl Cyprus had advertised The lidl W5 All in 1 dishwasher tablets  for the weekend 28 and 29 March 2015 but it seems that these were never available in  the shops.

Lidl Cyprus bait advertisement


Customers inquiring in  the Paralimni and Strovolos Lidl outlets on Saturday were told to come back on Sunday but to their disappointment the offer was still unavailable. It looks very much like another bait advertising incident that Lidl is using just to get people into their shops with enticing offers that do not exist at all, or only in insignificant quantities.


When this happens to us we stop buying from Lidl Cyprus for a while.


Lidl Cyprus does not seem having learned from previous court cases the retailer was exposed to in Cyprus such as the Nutella false advertising scam, Easter meat policy for which they got fined 20K€ in 2014 and also in other countries for various infringements (Belgium, Germany, Malta, ...)


Bait advertisement 

Bait advertisement is banned by the European Union since 2007 and this unfair sales practice is part of The EU "Dirty Dozen"black list that sets out over 30 schemes that are in all circumstances considered unfair. It includes a "dirty dozen" of schemes which are well known to cause consumer detriment:

1. Bait advertising: Lures the consumer into buying from a company by advertising a product at a very low price without having a reasonable stock available.Read the full EU press release here.


What can you do when witnessing such bait advertisement schemes in Cyprus?

 Report all incidents. The Cyprus Consumer Association guides you on how to file a complaint. A convenient online complaint form is available.

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