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Cyprus real time Petrol Prices ( this)

Finally real time petrol prices are available online either thtough the MCIT website or the Map Cyprus mobile app for iphone and Android.


Summary: Finally real time petrol prices are available online either thtough the MCIT website or the Map Cyprus mobile app for iphone and Android.

Finally real time petrol prices for all petrol stations in Cyprus are available online:

If you are on your PC and just want to do a quick on the current petrol and heating oil prices there's only one choice: the government site published by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Cyprus:

real time cyprus petrol prices from the MCIT

At the time of writing (22/11/2015) the site is only in Greek and has no location capabilities, i.e. you need to chose your town and area.


If you are using a iPhone or Android smartphone in addition to the above site, there's a much better solution:

The free app from Selas: Map Cyprus 

Cyprus Map app for Android and iPhone with real time petrol prices

This app will let you select the closest petrol station to your current position and activatye the phone's GPS to guide you.

Click to download the FREE “Map Cyprus” application from the App Store or Google Play:

cyprus real time petrol prices on appstore Real time cyprus petrol prices on Google Play

But this free app gives you much more than real time Petrol prices in Cyprus.

Check it out!

real timepfuel prices cyprus Fuel Prices Cyprus have published a website ( and an Android app providing fuel prices in Cyprus and some statistical data such as company average pricing etc.



Clicke here to see the cheapest petrol stations in Cyprus


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K A Antoniou commented on 03-Dec-2016 10:18 AM Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
The map shows the northern part of Cyprus occupied by Turkish army forces since 1974, as "the area controlled by Turkish Cypriots", which is politically incorrect and questions the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus which is not only o"Greek Cypriot". Also you mention on the map the Turkish names illegally given by the occupation forces to the occupied towns and villages of the Republic of Cyprus. This is very serious and you should correct it as soon as possible. I will inform the Government of the Republic of Cyprus in the meantime...

EworksWSI Support commented on 03-Dec-2016 08:11 PM Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Hi K A Antoniou, Good you have spotted this. We have now embedded the public Google map. If you still have problems with the naming, please contact the folks at Google Maps directly. And please let us know the reply from the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.
EworksWSI Cyprus

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