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We switched our ISP from Spidernet to Cablenet ( this)

Amongst the numerous ISPs in Cyprus, Cablenet provides cable Internet. We chose a 10MB connection in Nicosia.


Summary: Amongst the numerous ISPs in Cyprus, Cablenet provides cable Internet. We chose a 10MB connection in Nicosia.

ISPs in Cyprus

cablenet ISP in CyprusAfter 15 years with Spidernet as ISP in Cyprus, we finally switched to Cablenet last week. Spidernet has been one of the very first ISPs in Cyprus and back to 1996 we were able to register one of the initial email addresses hatte@spidernet..... 

End 2014 the internet situation has completely changed globally and, well, also in Cyprus.

Spidernet does not exist anymore, our initial email address was just maintained by the new owner,  Primetel, and we are able to issue our own email addresses through EworksWSI, The logical step was to switch our personal email to

Another evolution was the final arrival of cable internet in Cyprus. Not that the idea was new or the concept innovative to Cyprus (the same initial initiative was blocked by the authorities in 1999, 5 years before Cyprus joined the EU, I know something about this,....).

Communication Cost in Cyprus

Cyprus is amongst the most expensive EU countries in terms of communication cost, I am including here Telecoms and Internet together as these are more and more  integrated, just think of VoIP applications like Skype or Viber, SMS alternatives such as Whattsapp etc....

 Spidernet was not offering ADSL lines, a subscriber had to have initially a CYTA provided ADSL subscription that itself was only possible with a CYTA landline subscription. In this model customers are charged for 3 items, all necessary to obtain an internet connection:

CYTA fixed telephone line (16.03€+caller ID €2.30=18.36€)
CYTA ADSL connection (23.56€)
ISP (CYTA or Spidernet in our case) (18.35€)

for a 8MB Internet connection. A bundle entirely from CYTA comes at €61,80 /month

Cable Internet bundles these three services, downside is that you can't chose the individual service from another provider.

Generally one monthly fixed cost is offered, i.e. 32.90€ for a 10 MB connection.


Internet Speed comparison

 Before setup: CYTA/Spidernet 8MB subscription

Speetest CYTA Spidernet 8mb

Server Tested: Cyta

  Speed test Cablenet Cyprus

Server Tested: Cablenet

  Speed test CYTA Bouygues

Bouygues Paris

  Speed test Cytanet Cyprus Vodafon London
Server Tested: Vodafone London
  Speed test Cytanet Cyprus Vodafone Frankfurt

Server Tested: Vodafone Frankfurt

  Speed test Cytanet Cyprus New York
Server Tested: Interserver New York


After: Setup Cablenet 10MB

Speed test Cablenet Cyprus New York Server

Server Tested: Interserver New York

Speed test Cytanet Cyprus New York Server

Server Tested: Cyta

Speed test Cablenet Cyprus Cyta

Server Tested: Cablenet

Speed test Cablenet Cyprus Bouygues Paris

Server Tested: Bouygues Paris

Speed test Cablenet Cyprus Vodafone London

Server Tested:London Vodafone

Speed test Cablenet Cyprus Vodafone Frankfurt

Server Tested: Frankfurt Vodafone

Vodafone Frankfurt server speed test cablenet

Server Tested: Cablenet (with router settings fine tuned)


 Addition on December 17, 2014

Our Cablenet One month later

Internet connection speed

Download speed: 10.19 Mbps - Upload speed: 0.97 Mbps remarkably stable all the time. We did not notice significant speed changes during the day.

Service interruptions

The cablenet internet service was interrupted one time from 04:00h until mid-morning.

We found it strange that the call center on 130 start responding from 08:00h whereas lots of businesses in Cyprus start work at 07:30h.


SKYPE, Viber, YouTube all run more smoothly, especially the 'metallic voice' that we experienced sometimes before on Skype has completely disappeared.

There is though still one issue with connecting on WIFI through a Windows 8.1 PC to a Chromecast device on the Cablenet router. Exactly the same setup works perfectly on the standard CYTA Thompson router but generates an error message when connecting to the Chromecast on the Cablenet Aris router. The problem is only with WIFI, the PC connects perfectly through an Ethernet connection, but what's the point.




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