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WSI AdaptiveSEO - Adapt or Die ( this)

WSI AdpativeSEO is a new way of thinking of SEO, a new frame of mind. It focuses on the end user and what matters to them.


Summary: WSI AdpativeSEO is a new way of thinking of SEO, a new frame of mind. It focuses on the end user and what matters to them.

Search engine optimization is changing.
Constantly. Irrevocably…

As a result of ever evolving search algorithms, we essentially have two options: Adapt, or die.

Now, I don’t mean a literal death, but a figurative one, such as the death of online traffic, conversions and brand awareness.

For years, we did what the search engines told us to and we used methods that were tested and proven to yield results. We built backlinks, we syndicated content in the form of articles, press releases and blog posts on various distribution sites. We increased brand awareness and keyword rankings in the SERPs by deploying the same methods across multiple industry verticals.

Where did it all go wrong..? How did it all suddenly blow up in our faces?

Simple. We did as we were told. We became complacent. We stood still… We didn’t adapt…

The Rules Changed…

What worked well for SEO before, those tactics and methods we utilized to obtain rankings for our clients and increase their site traffic backfired on us.  It ended up hurting us! Why? They changed the rules. We spent so much time trying to game a mathematical algorithm that we lost site of the most important thing. The end user… Yes, the end user; that mythical creature that keeps the phones ringing and the cheques coming in.

So why did the search engines change the rules on us? They did it because what we were doing wasn’t providing value to the end user. All it was doing was artificially inflating rankings for pre-defined keywords that we deemed as valuable. All of those backlinks we spent so many hours building, all those articles and press releases we threw together with keyword focuses to improve the rankings for those terms… all of it. It all needed to be changed. The rules had to be changed.

The blame is all our own, and some people even say that SEO is dead…
Well, if it is, it’s because we killed it.


WSI SEO in Cyprus

The Game Changer

WSI AdpativeSEO isn’t just a new set of techniques for optimizing a website. It’s a new way of thinking of SEO, a new frame of mind.

We need to focus on the end user and what matters to them. It’s our responsibility to provide them with real value. We do this by adapting new processes and changing the way we deliver SEO by incorporating effective content marketing and social media strategies that provide real benefit to people searching for a product or service.

The WSI AdaptiveSEO process can be broken down to key elements:

  1. A foundation of sound technical fundamentals
  2. Targeted keyword research and competitor analysis.
  3. Development of an Optimized Content Marketing Strategy that makes use of blog posts, press releases and white papers, industry news and information guides in order to give the end user something valuable.
  4. Utilization of social media channels and publishing channels to share and distribute that content in areas where end users can actually find it, and then re-share and re-distribute it with the people they know.
  5. Finally, tracking, measuring and ultimately improving our results.

The way we used to track the success of SEO was typically through keyword ranking positions in the search engines, paired with website conversions.

Agencies in Cyprus are charging clients based on the number of keywords they want to optimize for. Why? What does it matter if you rank #1 in Google for 40 different keywords if only 3 of them are generating business for your company?

AdaptiveSEO allows a more fluid approach which is user targeted as opposed to keyword targeted. By learning all we can about potential customers, we can customize and adapt our strategies to suit user segments as opposed to trying to force users to conform to our conversion process.

We need to understand the thought process and needs of the end user, and then deliver funnels for each type of visitor. Our idea of success needs to be predicated on increasing conversions and brand awareness, on how the end user is digesting our content and sharing it, not on keyword rankings.

Based on an original post by Ryan Dinelle


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