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Cyprus Tourist arrivals up 22% until April 2016 ( this)

Cyprus number of tourists is up the 2nd year, the first 4 months in 2016 are 22% in comparison to the same 2015.

Cyprus Tourist Arrivals up 22% for the first  4 months in 2016 in comparison to 2015

The total number of tourist arrivals in Cyprus has increased for the months of January to April 2016 from 391k for the same period in 2016 to 478k in 2016.  This represents an increase of 22% over last year and gives an optimistic outlook for Cyprus Tourism Industry for the entire 2016 season.

Tourist arrivals up 22% in 2016 (until April)
Fig. 1 Cyprus Tourist arrivals up 22% in 2016 (January to April)

(Source CYSTAT)

The raw numbers of Tourist arrivals in Cyprus

(January - April 2015 vs 2016)

January     February     March    
2015   41 799   50 709   97 479   201 495
2016   48 607   65 988   137 013   225 575
% Increase   16.29%   30.13%   40.56%   16.29%

(Source CYSTAT)

The raw numbers of tourists traveling to Cyprus are important for the primary tourism industry (Airports, Transfers, Hotels, Restaurants, Taxi companies) to adjust capacities as well for the secondary economical segments that are directly dependent on the number of tourists such as Real Estate Agencies, food wholesaler, restaurant supplies, etc.


For marketing purposes a finer analysis of these numbers is needed. Especially modern online marketing technics provide all tourism and related industries' professionals with tools to bring their message to their prospects before they arrive in Cyprus. Our research has shown that visitors are searching extensively online and are comparing all available offers at a given destination on the Internet from their home location and preferably in their own language.

The place of usual residence of tourists coming to Cyprus is of utmost importance for digital marketing as we are able to target messages and PPC ads from country level down to specific areas of large cities worldwide.

Based on 2015 numbers the 4 high season months of June to September represent not surprisingly 57% of the total yearly number of tourists in Cyprus. It is important to get your online marketing right for this period.

Based on the 2015 numbers we expect the following segmentation of nationalities for the months of June, July and August 2015:

The 10 most represented nationalities in tourism arrivals expected for the 2016 season

(Cyprus June-August 2016 estimates)

Place of usual

% of toal
1  UK   38%
2  Russia   24%
3 Israel
4 Greece
5 Germany
6 Ukraine   2%
7 Norway   2%
8 Switzerland   2%
Lebanon   2%
Poland   2%

(Source CYSTAT)

Some minor percentage variations may be observed but the overall picture will remain: the first 3 countries (UK, Russia and Israel) represent 66% of all tourist arrivals. Make sure your campaigns will not to miss them.

Actions to be taken

  • Target your future clients directly in their countries, preferably in their own language.
  • Adjust your online marketing campaigns to the above nationalities / locations.
  • Fine tune your marketing budgets to the seasonality
  • During their stay in Cyprus, target your tourist prospects with local Search Optimization (read more on Local Optimization)
  • Go Mobile: Visitors are mostly searching for entertainment and discovery on mobile devices when on holidays. 

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