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5 Ways Your Local Business can Win on the Internet with a local content marketing strategy. Create valuable local content that will be picked up by customers and other sites.


Summary: 5 Ways Your Local Business can Win on the Internet with a local content marketing strategy. Create valuable local content that will be picked up by customers and other sites.

5 Ways Your Local Business can Win on the Internet

Local Content for Local Business

Our Research showed that you can optimize your content strategy to target local customers! As a small business in Cyprus, the majority of traffic to your (ecommerce) site and your sales at the store most likely come from customers that live around your physical business location. If you think that getting listed in local business directories is all you need to do you might be missing a significant part of local traffic and sales. Localized content marketing matters, read on...


locan content marketing for businesses in Cyprus

1.  Rank Higher in the SERPs for Local Search Queries

A SERP is the abbreviation for Search Engine Result Page that lists the results of the search term you submitted to the Search Engine. By including local keywords in the content of your site, you can rank your website for local search queries. As an example, let's use a local swimming pool contractor in Nicosia. By reviewing your site analytics data you may find that the majority of your search traffic comes from searches for your brand, i.e. the search term includes your company name or part of it.

However, you may also find that some of the traffic comes from keyword queries like "Nicosia pool builders,” “Nicosia pool construction" and perhaps even long-tail keyword queries such as "Nicosia above ground swimming pool sales and installation.” By including these keywords (and their variations) in your website content, you will increase the percentage of traffic that comes directly from these location-based searches.

According to ComStat, nearly all consumers (97%) use online media to search for local businesses and services. If your website is mobile-friendly, you can also expect traffic and sales from ranking for local keywords on mobile searches. A search on a mobile device for your business should as well return a geolocalization that can be used by the mobile's GPS to guide them to your store. An AT&T study found that 43 percent of local searchers on mobile devices physically showed up at the business location. These statistics underline why local content marketing is so important for your promoting your business online.

2.  Create local Reference Materials for Other Websites

Creating unique local content for your business also has the added benefit of creating useful resources for other websites. If your company is one of the few sites that creates local content about your region, then you just might end up having your content featured on national websites, including news publications and blogs.

Since your business is local, it has the advantage of being able to provide unique information about your quarter, town or region that people simply won't be able to find elsewhere. As a result, local content marketing can have a very positive effect on your link building efforts and your rankings.

3.  Social Proof Drives Sales

People regularly choose local businesses for their shopping based on social proof, i.e. reviews and comments. By using images and video as a part of your local content strategy, you can start to get a larger portion of the social traffic that actually converts. Take good pictures and videos of your business. You can also create videos about your neighborhood or to highlight local events. In addition, you can post these images and videos to Google Places and other local search websites.

4.  Manage Your Online Reputation

When it comes to local businesses, reputation matters. If you want to influence the opinions of potential customers, you must be proactive in managing your online reputation by targeting local search keywords. By ensuring that your customers can find positive content about your business, ahead of any negative results if any, you can ensure that your business is objectively represented online. Reach out to local bloggers and other business owners to ask them to publish your content, why not as an exchange. You can also extend this approach to trade associations and community organizations in your area. Read more here: Online Reputation Management: How to Balance the Risks and Rewards

5.  Demonstrate Local Expertise and Emphasize Regional Differences

Every region has its own unique characteristics. These differences are important when it comes to addressing the needs of local customers. For example, summer in Nicosia may involve preparing for severe heat waves while other areas of the country, the Cyprus seaside or mountain resorts for example may provide relief from the high temperatures in Nicosia. Is this important for our swimming pool or air conditioning companies and their clients? Sure it is! By using local content marketing, you will have an opportunity to address any regional differences for pool maintenance that apply only to your location. This gives customers the ability to find content that is highly relevant to them via local keyword queries.

local content marketing in CyprusFurthermore, the regional differences that impact your area might offer an opportunity to publish content while businesses located elsewhere are  winding down for the season. Think of the Scuba diving equipment store that remains open the whole year in Nicosia, whilst most of the diving centers and equipment stores in the Ayia Napa / Protaras area are closed or in hibernation mode during the winter season. As a result, you'll have an opportunity to improve your search engine rankings simply by publishing more content during the times when your national competitors are publishing less content.

The best way to approach local content marketing is to create online content that combines your industry expertise with information that is relevant to your local community, for example a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) company that relays power-cut forecasts from the national electricity company for their region. By focusing your content strategy on the local customers that are likely to patronize your business, you can find your local audiences and stop creating un-targeted content for just anyone.

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