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Don't neglect your local listings ( this)

Local Listings in Cyprus are giving you the chance to outrank your bigger national competitors. Hyper-Local SEO is important. Select and update your listings carefully and regularly.


Summary: Local Listings in Cyprus are giving you the chance to outrank your bigger national competitors. Hyper-Local SEO is important. Select and update your listings carefully and regularly.

Create and Update Your Local Listings

Local optimization is important even if you are not a local business located in the area. And Yes, maintaining local business listings require some resources. Time and exact information. Many businesses in Cyprus miss out by trivializing their listings and not paying attention to the basics. You have to get your listings right… and you have to select the right listings. Some of the international popular business listings are nit (yet) available in Cyprus, but we have local ones!

Don't expect that local listings auto-update, they actually need some effort to remain accurate and drive traffic to your website, and your physical location.

Manage Your Listings

If you haven’t created your business listing yourself, but you discover it on the internet then your listings information has probably been stuck together from different sources such as maps, government documents, local directories, or your own website. But you need to be in control and manage your own information about your business, and not leave it up to some robots.


Online directories are not just a digital version of the Yellow Pages, where you have to flip through pages to find what you’re looking for. They are comprehensive platforms that enable users to instantly identify, learn about, and contact businesses relevant to them and what they searched for.


Start with your NAP

local seo nap name address phone NAP stands for Name Address Phone number. This has to be consistent EVERYWHERE. Don’t use different phone number on different directories and your website. Don’t change on how you present your company name. If there is an “Ltd.” at the end, use it consistently. If your address has an office number, decide if it’s “Office No 300” or “Off. #300” and stick with it. The name of the game is consistency.

Check the category your business and verify that it’s showing up in the corresponding search results. Don’t forget to add reviews and photos to all of your listings. Not only do consumers react positively to a complete business profile, but so do search engines.

Google My Business is the first place to start when verifying your information, but don’t stop there. There are a lot of major directories, and you should be updating them all to ensure they are accurate.

Just google 'business listing cyprus' and discover some of the business listings that you may use in Cyprus.

Obviously Google, DMOZ, Yellow Pages and Yahoo are on top of the list, and there are a many more.

Improve Visibility & Leads

At EworksWSI Cyprus we do a lot of SEO for our clients and we’ve established that the primary directories improve search results even for our National clients. And if you are a local business, it increases the visibility of your physical location when a user sees your business on Google Maps or other map programs.

On a side note, you can optimize the content on your own website to influence local search.

A growing number of consumers browse exclusively on mobile devices, so don’t overlook the value of reaching this audience. Google has a particular fondness for displaying local businesses, and there is no substitute for having your location show up on a Google map when the consumer is in a car looking for your type of business.

Outrank your big Competitors

Accurate local listings on the right directories and profiles give you a competitive edge against nation-wide competitors. Google knows where people are searching from. It is based on their physical location (their IP address and localization data) and they give preference to local, nearby, listings over national listings. Our SEO team spend several hours every month on each of our SEO clients to review, update and correct their local listings in Cyprus.

Google will reward your business for having a local address by placing you in the local results section (at the top of the page), leaving national companies below. With consumers only spending seconds on a search results page, that prime real estate on the top is a huge advantage.


It’s not particularly hard to set-up and maintain your local listings, but it needs to be done correctly and consistently. By consistent, I mean that all you NAP information has to be consistent across all directories, and you have to consistently maintain it on a regular basis. It’s a bit of a time-suck, but typically well worth it for all businesses.


The Cost of Business Directories

There are many FREE online directories in which you can list your business. Some say they are free but require additional payment for special features, such as multiple locations or categories, including a website link or call to action, removing ads from your listing, or adding photos and video. Investigate carefully if the business directory you chose provides link back to your web-site or if they just take your information to have their own site ranked. If any doubt, talk to our SEO team

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Hartmut is running EworksWSI in Cyprus. WSI is the #1 digital marketing company worldwide with offices in over 80 countries. EworksWSI Cyprus is well equipped to bring WSI's knowledge of global digital marketing trends to your business to achieve the best results in Cyprus. Eworks WSI provides webdesign, hosting, Search marketing like PPC and SEO as well as mobile marketing services in Cyprus.

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