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Generate Leads with Videos and Marketing Automation ( this)

You can easily Generate More Leads using the combination of digital Videos and Marketing Automation. But it needs to be organized. We show how...


Summary: You can easily Generate More Leads using the combination of digital Videos and Marketing Automation. But it needs to be organized. We show how...

Using Video with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Facts

Marketing Automation

In 2015 only an estimated 0.1% of all US SMBs had invested in Marketing Automation. Top performing SMBs report improvements in lead quality, sales effectiveness and lead pipeline growth within 6 months after an investment in a Marketing Automation tool. But how do they achieve this? One innovative way is to integrate video marketing into marketing automation.

Generate, nurture and qualify new Leads through Video

Marketing automation has been around for years, and video has been around even longer. But using these two tools together is uncharted territory for many businesses.

You probably have some questions.

  • What comes first, the video or the automation?
  • How does each part assist the other?
  • How do I set this up?

Sounds familiar?

If you're reading this post, chances are you already know how important video is to your marketing strategy. By combining video and marketing automation, you'll be able to take your video marketing to the next level by sending the right video, to the right lead, at the right time.


We can't talk about video marketing automation strategies, techniques, or examples without understanding our goals first.Check if your current marketing platform allows all automations features you'll need (Check our article about Marketing Automation features here).

Where you start depends on your marketing priorities, and the state of your business.

video goals

Lead Generation within a Video

Adding a form to your videos to collect email addresses. Either at the beginning, during the video (but during the first 20 seconds) or at the end.

email subscription

Using videos with forms in them convert at 16%.

That means for every 100 video plays, the video generates 16 new leads.

Videos with a form within the first 20% of the video received a 43% conversion rate.

Any time you collect an email, it will be added as a new contact in your Marketing Automation tool, so you can keep all your leads in one place.




Lead nurturing in emailing

Linking to relevant video content in your email follow-up to leads.

Email plays a major role in lead nurturing, and video performs really well in email.


Using a video thumbnail instead of a plain image resulted in a 300% lift in click-through rates!

The results were so compelling that we moved to using video thumbnails in our emails whenever we can.


Lead scoring

Grading your leads based on them engaging with certain video content.

Buyers Cycle

Every lead in your email database is at a different stage of their buying cycle. Naturally, some are further along (and closer to making a purchase) than others.

For example, someone who downloaded a free educational guide probably isn't interested in your demo video yet. However, a lead who downloaded your company brochure probably is thinking a bit more about your actual product.

You should you organize and prioritize these leads so you can show them the right content depending on the videos they have watched. This information can be fed directly into your marketing automation platform.

Wrapping it up

At this point, you know why marketing automation is so important. You understand why video is a great communication tool. You've seen how goals influence marketing automation, and how video can be incorporated into those goals.

By combining video with your marketing automation tools, you can foster deeper connections with your leads by not only addressing their pain points, but anticipating them based on the buyer's journey.

What are you waiting for? Start nurturing those leads! Any questions? Contact us

This post is an abstract of our e-book
Using Video with Marketing Automation: Generate, Nurture and Qualify New Leads Through Video

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Author: Hartmut Clasen WSI
Hartmut is running EworksWSI in Cyprus. WSI is the #1 digital marketing company worldwide with offices in over 80 countries. EworksWSI Cyprus is well equipped to bring WSI's knowledge of global digital marketing trends to your business to achieve the best results in Cyprus. Eworks WSI provides webdesign, hosting, Search marketing like PPC and SEO as well as mobile marketing services in Cyprus.

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