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How much mobile data do you get in Europe for 30€? ( this)

This study shows that more competition on national mobile markets results in lower mobile data prices in Europe.


Summary: This study shows that more competition on national mobile markets results in lower mobile data prices in Europe.

There are huge differences from country to country in Europe in mobile data (LTE) that a monthly 30€ contract delivers. Rare are mobile providers that provide real unlimited mobile data usage. It is mostly the Nordic countries that offer unlimited mobile data for a 30€ monthly contract.

The German magazine Der Spiegel in cooperation with Statista published the below mobile data comparison volume by EU country.

Cyprus is last in mobile data volume

Graphic 1: Mobile Internet tariffs per EU country - How much mobile data can you get for a 30€ contract?

In 6 countries a mobile data contract of a maximum of 30€ will let you download unlimited mobile data. In Denmark, Poland and Latvia such mobile subscriptions are available for less that 17€, in Lituania, Finland and Ireland you'd pay under 30€ a month.

The second group of countries provide a reasonable mobile data volume for a maximum 30€ contract, but volumes included are decreasing from 60GB down to 20GB monthly mobile data LTE volume:

  60 GB/month
France   50 GB/month
  30 GB/month
  23 GB/month
  20 GB/month


then the available data volume decreases rapidly down to a poor 3GB/month in Cyprus.

  16 GB/month
  11 GB/month
  10 GB/month
  8 GB/month
  8 GB/month
  7 GB/month
  6 GB/month
  5 GB/month
  3 GB/month


It is remarkable that in this last group some of the most technologically advanced countries such as Germany, Italy or Spain are together with those that have some catching up to do.

If in Cyprus for example, unlimited mobile data plans simply do not exist as of today (27/11/2016), an unlimited flat rate mobile data in Germany from Deutsche Telekom would come at a whopping 199.95€/month in comparison to 15,47€/month in Denmark.

What are possible factors making mobile surfing more or less worth in your country?  

It is not the size of a country as some of the big as well as some small countries are as well in the top and in the bottom group.

Top big country: Poland
Top small country: Latvia

Bottom Big country: Germany
Bottom small country: Cyprus

The Digital Fuel Monitor published a study named 'Tight oligopoly mobile markets in EU28 in 2015' that lays out a comprehensive analysis of factors that give rise to unilateral anti-competitive effects leading to non-competitive outcomes and consumer harm in tight mobile oligopolies with the conclusion that  half of the EU28 mobile markets are tight oligopolies with non-competitive outcomes.

uncompetitive markets makes mobile data rates riseGraphic 2:

Graphic 2: EU28 countries ranked by effective competition of their mobile markets

The above countries are ranked by their respective 'competitive index', measuring the effective competition of the national mobile telephone market; the higher the index the lower the effective competition observed.

The study distinguishes three categories of markets in the EU: those with functioning, those with low and those with no functioning competition.


Without surprise we find the countries with the least valuable mobile internet contracts (Germany, Romania and Cyprus Graphic 1) in the group of non-competitive mobile markets.

The countries 3 top performing countries in  mobile data offering (Denmark, Poland and Latvia in Graphic 1) are as well those having the most competitive national mobile markets (Effective competitive oligopoly Graphic 2).

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