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How to Start an Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign ( this)

Mobile Marketing campaigns need carefull planning in Cyprus as they need to respect the current legal framework and industry ethics.


Summary: Mobile Marketing campaigns need carefull planning in Cyprus as they need to respect the current legal framework and industry ethics.

Start an Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign

WSI Mobile Marketing

While a SMS Mobil Marketing program is similar to an email campaign there are also many differences. Most companies choose to work with an experienced digital marketing company such as Eworks WSI who package the expertise and creativity, along with an easy-to use tool where you can create, send and analyze the results of your campaign.

An Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign Starts With:

•    Permission Based Marketing
•    How to Build Your Mobile Marketing Customer Base
•    Identify and Group Campaign Customers
•    Create your Message
•    Define Your Objectives and Leverage Mobile’s unique Advantages
•    Set Measurable Goals and Track results
•    Multilevel Marketing

Permission based Marketing - Because mobile marketing requires the customer to opt in, you are reaching people who are most interested in receiving your promotions.  Your business will not be able to purchase mobile phone number lists and send SMS messages uninvited - this is spam. The mobile phone is a highly personal device and you may risk customer backlash if you do not first receive permission. Instead, you will need to promote your offers by building a permission based customer list of mobile phone numbers. It’s this opt-in permission that is precisely the reason why mobile marketing works so well. Targeted messages to customers that have requested the information.

2.    How to Build an Opt-in Customer List
- One of the best way to encourage customers to join your mobile campaign is to utilize your existing marketing efforts. You can use any medium to promote your opt-in customer list: bill-board, print, TV, Web or mobile Web advertisement, a poster on your front door, opt-in instructions on your customers billing statements or just a promotional card by the cash register. Make sure to create a call to action or inducement that catches the consumers' attention and encourages them to interact. It may be a survey, discount voucher, competition or promotion for free mobile content or simply additional information.

Opt-in IdeasBlog Ideas in Cyprus
a.    Use promotional specials that entice customers in-store or online to sign up for future discounts, events or coupons.
b.    Offer information that interests your customer such as nutritional ideas, local areas to visit or product knowledge.
c.    Offer free multimedia giveaways such as ringtones and music as incentive to join up for your mobile marketing campaign.                
d.    Offer a VIP or Membership Service through text message alerts with exclusive news and specials.
e.    Include an Opt-in button on your company website for your mobile marketing campaign. Be sure to include some sort of incentive for sign up; coupons, ringtones or other promotions.
f.    Use your packaging, paper receipts, billboards and posters to encourage your customers to opt-in. Ask the customer to text in for a discount, prize, contest or to support a particular campaign.
g.    Create “text-to-win contests” whereby customers can text to win prizes, trips, ringtones, music and other items.
h.    Sweepstakes are a great way to generate a database of consumers who have opted-in to begin a relationship with your company or brand.
i.     Offering Mobile coupons have been very effective in building a database of potential customers.

3.    Identify Your Target Audience – Collect names, emails, mobile phone numbers, and other useful information about your opt-in customers and group them into similar demographics and interests. Understand the target demographic, sex, age and mobile technology skill level to determine what mobile strategy best suits your customer. Your customers are more likely to respond to your offers if they are highly relevant to their interests. Target a niche market that has strong interest in your product rather than focusing on the masses. Build a personal dialogue with your customer.

4.    Create your Message - Understand the big picture, first, and then determine which mobile solution fits into the overall marketing objective. Unlike other channels, mobile marketing can reach consumers making a buying decision anytime, anywhere (including at the point of sale). Each industry will require a diffeEworksWSI Mobile Marketingrent strategy, call to action and campaign so be sure to visit EworksWSI Mobile Strategies, Campaigns and Case Studies for details. Remember, consumers are constantly inundated with marketing messages, so be sure to provide them with something simple, relevant, and of interest. Make sure your message does more than drive traffic to your site but engages your customer, generating an on-going and sustained dialogue with your brand.


5.    Define Your Objectives and Leverage Mobile’s unique Advantages - To get results, messages not only need to be opt-in, they need to be personalized and targeted to the customer. If the messages aren't relevant, the consumer will not respond.

a.    Objective - First determine the mobile campaign program objective. Do you wish to increase sales, build brand awareness or create customer loyalty?

b.    Demographics - Pay attention to your customer’s profile. What are they most likely to respond to? Is the customer a teenager interested in ringtones or a family looking for dining discounts. Utilize which products or promotions have interested the consumers in the past. Use previous surveys to gain a better understanding of the individual. In summary, determine what you have to offer your targeted consumer.
c.    Include a Call-to-Action - A successful mobile campaign depends on an effective call to action.  After you have identified who will receive your message and what that message will be, include a call to action to entice the customer to act. Your mobile campaign will not generate activity if you do not require a response of any kind. Good call to actions include: Click here for a 20% coupon, text for a schedule of events, click to a landing page, opt into auto responder messages or just call. One of the benefits of SMS is the brevity, as a limit of 160 characters forces the sender to be precise and allows a quicker response from the consumer.
d.    Timing - is everything and the time of day or year can influence response rates. Successful mobile campaigns reach their customers at the exact moments when they can be most effective. When a customer’s phone beeps with a text message they look at it 95% of the time. Timing can allow restaurants to advertise for daily lunch specials at 11:30, instead of promoting one special for the whole week. Timing allows a retail store to generate buzz in an empty store with instant random specials. EworksWSI's  Mobile platform allows you to schedule outgoing messages up to a year in advance.
e.    Quality not Quantity - Your Customers have entrusted you by opting-in so don’t inundate them with messages. Think very carefully about the message that will be most relevant to them. Start with what you think your customers would be interested in, not what you'd like to sell them.
f.    Personalize -  Use this collected data to engage customers on a personal level with information or offerings relevant with the user’s preferences and relationship with the brand. A customer who interacts often with the brand should receive a more personalized message than someone who just sent his or her first SMS message.
g.    Sell to Current Customers - One advantage of mobile marketing campaign is its ability to generate new customers. However it is also important and profitable to engage and sell more to current customers. Current customers already know and trust you, so it’s not as difficult to get them to buy additional services or upgrade current ones. Make sure to offer special promotions to your current customer base.
i.     Location - Google's new location-finding technology enables you to take advantage of someone's physical location when targeting your messages. Delivering the right message, at the right time and in the right location is a marketer’s dream.

6. Set Measurable Goals / Track results & Adjust - Set a measurable goal to your mobile campaign from the start. Do you want a certain number of new customers or a determined number of visits to your web site? Track the response to your mobile campaign and determine if customers are taking advantage of your offers and whether or not you’re reaching your goals. Periodically conduct surveys to find out what your customers like or don’t like about your offers and make adjustments to your campaign if necessary.

7. Multi-channel Marketing – Mobile Marketing is most effective when used with other advertising media. Make sure to coordinate your mobile offers with your email, mobile website, web presence, radio and print advertising efforts. Mobile can enhance and pull together all other advertising channels into a cohesive message.


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