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Increased of standard VAT rate in Cyprus 2013 / 2014: E-commerce adjustments ( this)

The increased of standard VAT rates in Cyprus 2013 / 2014 require E-commerce adjustments.

Cyprus VAT increase

Increased of standard VAT rate in Cyprus

  • Effective 14 January 2013, the current standard VAT rate of 17% will increase to 18%.
  • Effective 13 January 2014, the standard VAT rate of 18% will  increase to 19%
Also effective 13 January 2014, the reduced VAT rate of 8% applies for services under Schedule 12 of the Cyprus VAT law (including catering services, passenger and baggage transport within Cyprus via taxi or bus).

VAT rates for Cyprus need to be adjusted on e-commerce systems.

Below please find a short reminder how to modify Cyprus tax rates on your WSI e-commerce application.


  WSI eFusion eCommerce   Under E-commerce, Tax rates, adjust the corresponding rate (generally T1)
  WSI ASAP DIY eCommerce   Under ASAP Admin open a shopping page - Payment options - Tax calculation
 VirtueMart - Joomla integrated e-commerce   Administrator - Components - VirtueMart - Store Administration - Tax
 Magento - State of the Art e-commerce in Cyprus
   From the Admin panel, select Sales > Tax > Customer Tax Classes
 os commerce    Configuration - Tax Zones
CRE eCommerce  


Product Manager - Tax

Business Edge
  For WSI Business Edge and all other custom built e-commerce solutions - incl Real Estate platforms, please refer to the catalogue module adminstration

Advanced Internet Marketing eCommerce


If you have any queries of how to adjust VAT rates in your WSI e-commerce application, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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E-Commerce Taxation in Cyprus

It is the Duty of a Cypriot e-Commerce Company to register with the Cypriot VAT authorities. Other e-commerce Companies might need to register in Cyprus as well. When a VAT-registered person in an EU member state sells and delivers goods to a non-registered and nontaxable person in another EU member state, it is considered as 'Distance Selling' as most e-commerce activities.

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