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Most popular Google Searched terms in 2013 in Cyprus ( this)

What were the most used search terms in Cyprus in 2013? Find our here:

Most used Google search terms in 2013 in Cyprus

Top 10 Web Search in Cyprus in 2013

Top 10 Google Search Terms in Cyprus 2013 

These are relative numbers, do you think they really translate any trends? How do internet users in Cyprus use the Google Search Engine?

If we have a closer look on Search behaviors is seems that a significant number of users in Cyprus do not use Google primarily to search for products, documents or information, but the Google Search Engine (often as default home page) is replacing the address bar, meaning that instead of entering the full URL into the address bar on top of their browsers, users enter the approximate domain name (without the .com or .com.cy extension) into Google and click on the first result.

On many popular browsers such as Firefox or Chrome (sounds logical!) Google comes as the default Search Engine and any incomplete URL in the address bar will trigger the Search Engine and count the term as a Search.

Top 10 Image Searches in Cyprus in 2013

Top 10 image searches on Goolge in Cyprus  

These results seem to translate real searches - most probably cleaned from any sexual explicit or offending content. 

Top 10 News Searches in Cyprus

Top 10 Google News Searches in Cyprus 2013 

The year 2013 was full of significant events, Cyprus even made global headlines when the economy crashed and the banking system collapsed in March 2013. No related search terms turn up in the 2013 News searches done from Cyprus based IP.


Not (yet?) available for Cyprus

Hard to believe that nobody's searching for products and prices in Cyprus.... E-Commerce is booming. 

Data Source: Google Trends 



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