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Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse actions common to all web-browsers

Monday, May 21, 2012    Comments (0)    Permalink  
  In all major web-browser there is a large number of keyboard shortcuts that is common to all. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, or Opera – most of these keyboard shortcuts will work in all browsers. In addition, each browser also has some of its own browser-specific shortcuts, but knowing the common ones will serve you well as you switch between different browsers and computers. Tabs Ctrl+1-8 – Switch to the specified tab, start counting from left Ctrl+9 – Switch to the last tab Ctrl+Tab – Switch to the next tab – meaning...  

Access Firefox About: Pages

Thursday, February 02, 2012    Comments (2)    Permalink  
Mozilla Firefox has a variety of configuration settings and diagnostic information available in its internal about: pages. You can access each page by typing about: into the address bar, followed by the name of the topic. The about: pages contain everything from the story of Mozilla’s battle against Internet Explorer and robot pop-culture references to advanced configuration settings, permission management and diagnostic information. About:About The about:about page is an index of Firefox’s about pages. Click any of the links on this page to explore them.  Try out the about:robots...  

Facebook Statistics for Cyprus

Monday, January 23, 2012    Comments (6)    Permalink  
Cyprus Facebook Statistics As a business you certainly have a Facebook business page and monitoring Facebook helps you to improve your business and social media marketing strategy in Cyprus. Currently, there are 553900 Facebook users in the Cyprus, which makes it #92 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by country. (source: SocialBakers)   General info on Cyprus Facebook use Cyprus Greece UK Total # of ...  

Your website can easily stand out from the crowd in Cyprus

Monday, January 16, 2012    Comments (1)    Permalink  
You must have a strategically worked out digital marketing plan if you really want your website to be a success and decide what action you want your website visitors to. Most other companies with websites in Cyprus don’t do this! Many websites are so ill conceived and poorly designed th at they are little more than monuments to their owners. Here is your chance to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.  Your website is your image to the world and can be a great business tool for sales and business leads. Website building tips Visitors: Always focus on your visitors...  

Online communication spending rises by 11% in France for 2011

Saturday, January 14, 2012    Comments (7)    Permalink  
Online Ad Spend in Europe In 2011, $18.7 billion were spent advertising online in Western Europe, while Eastern Europeans spent $3.2 billion on the same. Next year, marketers will spend $20.9 billion (Western Europe) and $3.7 billion (Eastern Europe) advertising online The Growth Continues In 2012, online ad spending growth will reach its highest in the last few years (+17.5% in Eastern Europe and +12.1% in Western Europe). For more information download our free European internet market trends report Online ad spending in France In 2011 online communication spending increased by 11% on...  

Google enforces Privacy Policy

Wednesday, December 28, 2011    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Google Privacy Policy is Being Enforced Important Information for all Google Adwords Users In an effort to inform and protect a user’s information, Google recently enforced a policy to all websites advertising (Google Adwords ) with them. If you are running a Google PPC (Pay per Click) campaign you must make sure that all pages on the target website collecting personal and financial information via a form have a privacy policy published. Not sure what paid search marketing is about? Read more about PPC advertising here Google provides a detailed description ...  

23 Questions to ask about quality content

Tuesday, December 27, 2011    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Do you have quality content? The Search Engines ranking algorithms are updated very frequently (Googled modified its way to calculate SERPs more than 500 times in 2011) and c reating good, trustworthy and unique content becomes even more important in 2012.  Quality content is content produced for the visitors of your website not the Search Engines. Content must be relevant and provide a value to visitors of your site.  Generating quality content is not always easy and needs research and writing skills. Content is not limited to text and correctly optimized pictures an...  

Google is finally coming to Cyprus

Monday, December 26, 2011    Comments (2)    Permalink  
The Google Cyprus page is online Google opened it's Cyprus directory at the following address:  www.google.com.cy Search terms entered in google.com and goolge.com.cy do not result in the same SERP (Search Engine result page). Local references are becoming more important for the listing of sites on google.com.cy. Businesses will need to adapt their SEO and PPC strategies and integrate these new parameters to maintain their position on the Cyprus listing. We expect as well the top level domain .cy (.com.cy, .ac.cy, etc) gaining more importance in the google.com.cy generated res...  

The new Levy of €350 on Cyprus companies can be paid online in 2011

Friday, December 09, 2011    Comments (1)    Permalink  
Pay your tax online in Cyprus The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Cyprus Registrar of Companies   announced that the new yearly levy of €350 on Cyprus registered Companies can be paid electronically through the website of the Registrar of Companies. The intention is to facilitate the payment for the year of 2011 which must be paid until December 31, 2011. The Registrar of Companies recommends that the payment of the new levy of €350 for group of companies or for those paying on behalf of several companies should be made electronically. It seems that the...  

Twitter introduces enhanced profile pages

Friday, December 09, 2011    Comments (0)    Permalink  
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Google Plus Pages for Businesses & Brands

Tuesday, November 08, 2011    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Google Plus for businesses and brands is now available with the introduction of Google Plus Pages. Pages is basically the Google Plus version of Facebook Fan Pages. Businesses have the chance to claim a profile on this social network so they can interact with and engage their customers and fans. Google Plus Pages allows every business, big or small, to maintain a profile on Google Plus and use the service to communicate and interact with consumers. A Google Plus Page is an easy way to increase the online visibility of your company.   What are Google+ Pages? Not...  

Increase your FACEBOOK fan community

Thursday, November 03, 2011    Comments (0)    Permalink  
5 Best Practices on Promoting Your Facebook Fan Page   1) Create an Engaging Facebook business Page Use applications like the discussion board and YouTube video box to add more interesting and engaging content to your page. Give users a reason to become a fan of your page and engage with you.   2) Leverage the Viral Nature of Facebook (The News Feed) The added benefit of creating an engaging page is that every time a fan engages with your page – from becoming a fan, to posting a comment, to attending an event – that activity is published to their “news feed...  

Mobile Marketing is Changing the Face of Digital Media

Thursday, October 06, 2011    Comments (1)    Permalink  
Mobile Marketing is Changing the Face of Digital Media The world of digital media is shifting again, and the next big contender in Cyprus is mobile marketing. The concept of “mobile marketing” involves several techniques, such as mobile websites, social location marketing, SMS and MMS marketing, mobile advertising and mobile apps. As the use of smartphones and tablets continues to rise rapidly, more people are accessing online information on their handheld devices. Users expect to find relevant content that is correctly presented for the device they are using. This provides business...  

The Power of Article marketing

Thursday, September 15, 2011    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Article marketing Article marketing has lots of power to direct visitors to your website and convert them into customers. Article marketing can be used to sell any of your products in any economical sector, retail, real estate and services as examples. Article marketing is the perfect way to increase sales. Begin by defining a profitable segment in your product/service range and develop expert knowledge of this niche. Real Estate products and services require a deep knowledge about the real estate market, writing about diving equipment needs technical knowledge to create useful con...  

Eworks WSI Webinar: SEO for e-Commerce Sites

Tuesday, August 30, 2011    Comments (1)    Permalink  
WSI News   ...  

Search Engine Optimization remains important in 2011

Wednesday, July 06, 2011    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Search Engine Optimization Profesional Search Engine optimization is essential if you want your website to be found on the major Search Engines like Google or Bing. EworksWSI has teamed up with M3Socialmindz, the SEO specialits in the WSI network, and offers outstanding SEO services in Cyprus. SEO case studies View the Eworks WSI slideshow on SEO case studies belowEworks WSI Cyprus SEO Case Studies   View more SEO presentations from EworksWSI Cyprus  

Using your own SMTP server with a CYTANET e-mail account in Cyprus

Wednesday, May 25, 2011    Comments (13)    Permalink  
E-mailing in CyprusCytanet Many individual internet users as well as businesses in Cyprus are are subscribed to Cytanet internet services that includes one or several email addresses @cytanet.com.cy Cytanet SMTP or outgoing mail server For outgoing mail, Cytanet requests for all CYTANET email accounts to use exclusively the CYTANET SMTP server (mail-out.cytanet.com.cy port: 25) and will not allow users to specify their own SMTP server  On imap Cytanet’s outgoing mail server is mail-out.cytanet.com.cy and supports the use of port 587 with TLS and cyta...  

Eworks WSI mobile app for Nokia

Wednesday, April 20, 2011    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Update:On September 2, 2013, Microsoft announced that it was buying out Nokia's devices business for 7.2 billion USDThe Nokia apps cannot be accessed anymoreOriginal post:Create Mobile app for Nokia Smartphones   Do you want to give your customers and prospects mobile access to your information? More and more people are accessing information on the internet through mobile devices and Cyprus mobile users are catching up very fast. Nokia is by far the largest mobile phone brand present in Cyprus. Get Your logo on your clients mobile You'l...  

Streetview in Cyprus - Not by Google apparently

Thursday, April 14, 2011    Comments (3)    Permalink  
Is Streetview coming to Cyprus? Most probably Streetview is coming - yes, but apparently not by Google - at least for now. During the last days we've seen in Nicosia strange cars from Geovisat  going through every street in many residential areas. They do not look really like Google Street view cars but they are equipped with several 360° cameras that seem to have the same objective: produce high-resolution street level photographs. The company to whom the vans seem to belong says on their site (http://geovisat.eu/) that they are producing high resolution digital images offeri...  

Google pushes High Quality sites in Search

Saturday, February 26, 2011    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Google has implemented a new change in 2011 to its search algorithm and is aiming to reward Web sites that offer original, in-depth content at the same time that it will penalize in their search results those who simply copy content from others. Google published on their blog: "This update is designed to reduce rankings for low-quality sites—sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful. At the same time, it will provide better rankings for high-quality sites—sites with original content and information...  

Bing gains ground in Search engine usage

Saturday, February 12, 2011    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Google is still dominating the search engine market but Bing is gaining ground.  Looking at the global search engine market in January 2011, Google took home almost 68 % of all online searches but that marked a 2 % point decrease from December 2010. The number of searches run at Bing.com and Bing-powered sites collectively rose by 6 points, giving Microsoft's search engine a 27.4 % cut of the search engine market. 11/02/2011 Report by market researcher Experian Hitwise. Bing.com by itself accounted for 12.8 % of all searches, a 21 % point increase from December 2010. Sear...  

How EZ or QR codes will help your business in Cyprus

Tuesday, February 08, 2011    Comments (2)    Permalink  
What are QR or EZ codes and how can these help your business? Quick Response codes (QR codes) and other two-dimensional codes like EZ codes will be used more widely in 2011. People seek immediate access to relevant content and QR codes are providing just this.QR codes are similar to the barcodes used to track inventory and price products for example in supermarkets. The key difference between bar codes and EZ/QR codes is the amount of data they can hold or share. Bar codes are linear one-dimensional codes and can only hold up to 20 numerical digits, QR codes are two-dimensional (2D) ma...  

Online Reputation Management: How to Balance the Risks and Rewards

Thursday, February 03, 2011    Comments (1)    Permalink  
MANAGE Perceptions, Don't Try to CONTROL Them A positive reputation brings trust, confidence, and sales, which are ultimately reflected in revenue growth and profitability. Negative perceptions can lead to a decrease in consumer confidence, and, in turn, a reduction in revenue and profits. Fact is, what you can’t control, you need to manage. Today, opinions are easily shared through the proliferation of networking sites, forums, blog sites, chatrooms and other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. These social media platforms are also being used by ...  

Google updated its PageRank in January 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011    Comments (0)    Permalink  
First Google Toolbar PageRank Update Of 2011 Google has updated the PageRank values within the Google Toolbar. This is the first toolbar PageRank update of 2011, and the first since August 2010. There have been continuously minor updates during 2010. At the same time Toolbar PageRank is out of date and does not have a direct impact on a site’s ranking. But the Toolbar PageRank is often an indicator of how Google values a website. Some time in 2011 Google's PageRank patent will become non-exclusive and then in 2017 the patent will expire completely. The PageRank algorithm Googl...  

EworksWSI is moving!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011    Comments (0)    Permalink  
EworksWSI is moving From January 17th 2011, you will find our Nicosia offices at 59, Byzantiou Street Office 202 2064 Strovolos / Nicosia Cyprus Tel: +35722.675747 Fax: +35722.675748 General Information info@eworkswsi.com.cy Support support@eworkswsi.com.cy Find us on the map below: View Larger Map EworksWSI Cyprus is the local  office inNicosia of WSI headquartered in Toronto Canada and offers the entire range of digital marketing services such webdesign, webdevelopment, webhosting, internet marketing (PPC, SEO, display marketing), webanalytics as well as the developme...  

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