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5 Advanced Techniques to Sky Rocket Email Marketing

Saturday, October 29, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Email is one of the toughest digital marketing tactics to master. You’ll often hear people say “email marketing still works!” – and while that’s true, email is a difficult channel due to how much competition there is for a limited amount of customer attention. Think about your inbox; chances are you’ve been successfully marketed to via email, and maybe you’ve even made purchases as a direct result of receiving a timely message. However, there are an immeasurable number of emails that fail because a) they are poorly executed or b) they hit your spam folder and you never see them...  

Email Marketing is Alive and Well: integrate with Social Media

Wednesday, October 19, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Email Marketing Is Alive and Well Case in point: reading emails continues to rank as the #1 activity performed on mobile devices. I know I probably read more emails on my phone than on my laptop. At my age, I don’t have the eyesight or the patience to try and write or read reports via my phone, but handling emails is a great use of my time when I’m out of the office or in between appointments. 75% of Gmail’s 900 million users access their accounts on a mobile device, so I am certainly not alone! Interesting then, that so many of us think that email marketing is an outdated strat...  

How to Tell the Difference Between Impactful Mobile Trends and Fleeting Fads

Sunday, October 16, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
If you have kids, or remember being a kid (I’m a very sad panda for whoever doesn’t), you’re well aware of the power of fads. You know, the latest and greatest gadget, toy or game your son or daughter (or, ah, you) absolutely must have, mainly because they really want it, but also because Billy from down the street already has it? Yeah, those fads. Many moons ago, the school yards were filled with marbles; then it was pogs, followed quickly by Pokémon cards and, of couse, devil sticks. I remember having these things separately but also all at once, though the reality is each one...  

The Mobile Technology Movement

Friday, September 30, 2016    Comments (1)    Permalink  
Remember how you used to feel the moment you realized you lost your wallet? Yeah, us too. We also remember the point in time where, all of a sudden, our wallets were secondary. No wallet, no problem...as long as we've still got our smartphones! Think about it, though. Assuming your wallet doesn't contain thousands of dollars in cash, you'll usually have a bunch of plastic that, while extremely annoying to get replaced, can be replaced. Not only is a smartphone much more expensive than (most) wallets, it also generally contains things that can't be recovered, like photos and file...  

The Eworks WSI Digital Marketing Mix

Tuesday, September 27, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
  The reality of the fast-paced world we live in, is many small businesses – and even large brands in Cyprus– are still trying to find their footing in the digital world. There isn't a clear-cut way to build and maintain a strong digital presence; there are many different methods that, depending on the industry and customer base, are better suited for some businesses than others.   However, there is a set of basic components that you'll find are the backbone of every great digital marketing strategy. In our latest digital marketing video, we want to help you hone in on...  


Tuesday, September 13, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
  While the first mobile phones provided consumers with one basic function, to make telephone calls wirelessly, today’s mobile devices do much more than simply allow you to talk with someone else. They have become our web browser video cameras, social media device, navigation guide, gaming platform, appointment calendar, alarm clock, flashlight, etc… Depending on which apps you’ve downloaded, there’s a good chance your mobile device does much more, but suffice to say the days of “just making phone calls” are a thing of the past.   As a businesses seek to capture...  

The Local SEO opportunity

Saturday, September 03, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Small businesses in Cyprus far and wide are now realizing the power of local search engine optimization. As a business leader, you may still be wrapping your head around the concept of SEO, and understanding the differences between various SEO strategies may sound complicated. Fortunately, incorporating local SEO practices is not as difficult as it might sound, and through a few targeted tasks, you can make your way up the search engine rankings and draw a whole new set of customers to your location. The Difference Between Local and Organic SEO Understanding the distinction betw...  

The Future of SEO

Sunday, August 28, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Is SEO dead? Not at all! Although the Discussion never seems to go away. But as long as People are searching for products and services on the Internat, SEO will continue living. How does SEO change and evolve from Year to Year? This is a question that every marketing person should ask and have an answer for. In fact, keeping up to date with SEO evolutions are essential to achieve better rankings for your sites. SEO has a future and it looks very different from its past and its present. The debate rages on. Is SEO dead? Should today’s marketers still put time and energy into buildin...  

7 Steps to acertain your SEO Success

Wednesday, August 24, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
  Search engines are constantly improving the quality of the results they deliver to users who are looking for answers, products or services. For businesses and consumers, improved search results are a beautiful thing. However, in order for businesses and marketers to generate consistent streams of organic search traffic, they need to stay on top of the continually evolving digital landscape. We understand it can sometimes be a challenge to keep updated on the world of search engines, so for our latest digital marketing video, we outlined the 7 Steps to Certain SEO Success:...  

Your 3 Step 2016 SEO Action Plan - SEO Advice from GOOGLE

Monday, August 22, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
It’s easy to understand why website owners get confused about how to improve the results from their digital marketing efforts by fully leveraging assets such as their website. The process of increasing your online visibility is referred to as search engine optimization, or SEO for short. In the past, SEO meant focusing on where you ranked for certain keywords. However, these days it’s about building your overall digital audience whether that be on your website, email marketing list or social media networks. An easier way to understand it is to think of SEO as the process of build...  

Why You Need To Level Up Your Landing Pages

Friday, July 29, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
When it comes to landing pages, the numbers are skewed. Landing pages do an outstandingly effective job at converting site visitors into paying customers. But directing customers to a standalone landing page is an underused digital marketing tactic.   We've touched on this concept before: when the numbers don't add up, it means there's an opportunity for businesses. Even though landing pages are slowly becoming the standard, implementing them now will still give you a significant edge over at least a few of your competitors. Leveling up your landing pages can improve your...  

Why Landing Pages are so important

Tuesday, July 26, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
  As you dive into the world of digital marketing, you’ll likely encounter a whole new vocabulary and set of concepts. If you haven’t already, you're bound to have questions about how landing pages fit into your digital marketing strategy. Developing a landing page sounds like a simple task, and it can be, but it’s vitally important to lead conversion.   What is a Landing Page? A landing page is any web page that a consumer can land on, but in the marketing realm, it’s usually a standalone page, distinct from your homepage or any other page, that serves a single and...  

The Anatomy of a Landing Page That Converts (with Video)

Saturday, July 23, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Let's get it out of the way right off the top: the #1 landing page mistake is sending ad campaign visitors to a homepage. And yet we still see it all the time. But facts are facts, and well-designed landing pages are much more likely to convert visitors into leads. The good news is a great landing page isn't complicated or hard to create. For our latest digital marketing video, we put together some information on:   The Anatomy of a Landing Page That Converts 1. Identify Customer Personas Like any marketing technique or strategy, understanding who is interested in buyi...  

5 Website Redesign Tips to Get More Leads

Sunday, July 17, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
  WSI recently wrote a post about what happens when web design goes wrong (hint: it's not pretty). In the post Lyana also discussed the reasons it's important to keep your site updated.   I'm here to give you the biggest reason of all: a well-maintained site delivers more leads! I get it, though – a site's upkeep is one of those things that gets pushed to the side when things get busy.     To help you out, here are 5 quick website makeover tips that'll have your site well on its way to generating more new leads: 1. Add Customer Testimonials Placing customer tes...  

The Truth about Digital Advertising

Thursday, June 30, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
A few years ago, many businesses grumbled about social media being "just a fad" that "had no place in the business world." Look how that turned out. The businesses that accepted social media is here to stay and figured out how to leverage it are the biggest winners. Digital advertising – especially native ads and social ads – are at that precipice, and the only question is will you take the plunge or retreat to what's safe and comfortable? For those willing to forge ahead, we created an infographic to help you decipherThe Real Truth About Digital Advertising: ...  

Increase Leads and Sales with Digital Advertising

Friday, June 24, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
  With all the clutter and distraction of the digital world, getting the attention of your audience is an increasingly difficult task. Content, video and social media marketing are all worthy digital tactics – but they have one thing in common: they take time to deliver their value to audiences and don't generate quick sales. Properly managed digital advertising campaigns, however, are a fast and efficient way to drive new leads and sales to your business. To show you which digital advertising strategies to use – and when to use them – we created a video on how to Increase ...  

Need to update your digital presence? Who's going to do it?

Monday, June 20, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Having a website is not a strategy. Neither is hope… Websites don’t age gracefully. They just sort of get old. Websites don’t just get found because of divine intervention…somebody must be in the driver's seat and take the right decisions of what and when to do. You can hire an intern, hand it off to your staff, or hand it off to a professional. Each of these choices has their own unique advantages and repercussions. There’s a big difference between maintaining the content on an existing website, and developing and executing an actual Digital Marketing strategy. S...  

Expand Your Reach with Digital Advertising

Wednesday, June 15, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
  The digital advertising landscape in Cyprus was once limited mostly to pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google and some Facebook campaigns. Today, savvy marketers have a growing toolbox of digital advertising options to expand their reach. Here are some of the digital advertising platforms that you should know about when planning your marketing and advertising. Paid Search Advertising (Pay-Per-Click) Paid Search Advertising, or pay-per-click, is one of the oldest digital advertising methods, but it remains a reliable method of reaching a large number of prospects at a consist...  

Improve Your Digital Reputation With Social Media and Content

Thursday, June 02, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Building your brand takes time and resources, and in today’s connected world, the reputation that you’ve worked so hard to build can be tarnished with just a few keystrokes. Your company's information can quickly go viral, which is great - if it’s the kind of information that draws in consumers. Like it or not, what’s said about your company online can make or break your success. Fortunately, utilizing social media and content can help you to improve your digital reputation.   Be a Social Media Maven Marketers of yesteryear understood the importance of networking. Heading...  

Statistics for Social Media Savvy Businesses

Wednesday, June 01, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Let's all be honest here: everyone imaginable in Cyprus has a social media presence now. No matter what you do or how old you are, the social sphere is so much more than viral videos and #hashtags; it’s a communication tool. Just as the newspaper was once the revolutionary, go-to source for the happenings of the world around you, the online social media arena has made the world that much smaller. Think about it: there are approx. 320 million Twitter users right now; 400 million on Instagram; and a whopping 1.59 billion on Facebook. In Cyprus we saw a 130% Facebook penetration. ...  

How to Master Online Reputation Management

Sunday, May 22, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
In life, reputation is important. It's the intangible component we use to shape our thoughts and actions toward each other. A reputation is built, little by little, over a lengthy period of time. The more effort you put into the cultivation of your reputation, the stronger it will be. It's the same way in business. As consumers, we often decide to deal with brands we trust (because they have a good reputation). In the workplace, we partner with companies that have an established presence within an industry. We do this to feel safe and comfortable with our decisions. Reputation in t...  

Cyprus Tourist arrivals up 22% until April 2016

Thursday, May 19, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Cyprus Tourist Arrivals up 22% for the first  4 months in 2016 in comparison to 2015 The total number of tourist arrivals in Cyprus has increased for the months of January to April 2016 from 391k for the same period in 2016 to 478k in 2016.  This represents an increase of 22% over last year and gives an optimistic outlook for Cyprus Tourism Industry for the entire 2016 season. Fig. 1 Cyprus Tourist arrivals up 22% in 2016 (January to April) (Source CYSTAT) The raw numbers of Tourist arrivals in Cyprus (January - April 2015 vs 2016) ...  

Social Media Marketing, Sales and Reputation Management

Wednesday, May 18, 2016    Comments (1)    Permalink  
  Despite of what some thought 3 or 4 years ago, it has become clear that social media is today a core element of digital marketing. Whether it's only maintaining a brand presence, creating brand awareness, using a social media platform for reputation management or simply to show off your product it's undeniable that social media provides a lots of advantages.     Social Media Management Cyprus is more than just Facebook and Twitter   Simply 'doing social media' isn't quite as simple as just setting up a Facebook Page or Twitter Profile for your ...  

How to gain a Content Marketing Advantage

Sunday, May 01, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Content Marketing - How to gain Andvantage over your Competition By now, you know all about content marketing. You may have even heard of content shock, too. So which is it? Is content marketing a necessary part of digital marketing success? Or is there too much content already out there for anything new to be worthwhile? For brands and businesses, the answer is a little bit of both. Content is, and always will be, the lifeblood of digital marketing. Whether it’s blog posts or videos, content plays an integral role in the building of a digital reputation. And make no mistake: bra...  

5 Ways to Adapt Your Content Marketing Strategy for 2016

Friday, April 29, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Everyone involved with marketing a brand, large or small, has at least dabbled in content marketing. Most marketers are using content to reach out to consumers, but not all of them are finding success. As technology has advanced, and the concept of content marketing has become mainstream, developing an effective content marketing strategy is now a must.     In the early days of content marketing, a little online exposure could go a long way. But things have changed over the last several years. Today’s consumers are overwhel...  

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