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Our over excited associate Baltej Gill from SocialMindz breaks down how important it is for businesses to have a mobile version of their website in this EXTRA cheesy video explanation!

Did you know these mobile usage stats?

  • 1 in 7 searches on Google are performed on a mobile device?
  • 59% of smartphone users report using the mobile Internet while waiting in line
  • 48% report using it while eating
  • 44% report using it while shopping.
  • Google gives preference to mobile websites in their search results!

90% of mobile users in US and Western Europe have a web-enabled phone, yet few websites are optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile users face four main usability hurdles:

  • Small screens
  • Awkward input
  • Download delays
  • Poorly-designed sites

The current industries seeing the most growth in mobile searches are business, entertainment, and travel (30% in Restaurant category). Do your customers have a mobile device? If so, you need to go mobile… We can help.

Does Google think your site is mobile friendly? Test it here: Google Mobile friendly Tester

Just for fun, see what your current website looks like to iPhone users:

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