The EworksWSI SMS management plateform

The EworksWSI SMS management plateform is an easy way to send sms to multiple mobile numbers including country code. With just a few clicks user can send sms using the Send SMS option, users can send text, flash or unicode messages to customers, friends, office employees or relatives from anywhere in the world.

You do not need any prior knowledge or special training for using the features provided in the EworksWSI SMS management plateform.

In Send SMS, there are three ways for sending SMS:

  1. The Single SMS option provides the facility to send SMS for up to 100 mobile numbers including country code,
  2. Bulk SMS option provides the facility to send SMS by uploading text file containing mobile numbers including country code
  3. Group SMS option provides the facility to send SMS by adding contacts from groups or distribution list created with the Address Book.

bulk SMS management platfomr Users can schedule sending of SMS on a particular date and time. The entire scheduled and executing jobs are displayed in the Job Management option.

EworksWSI SMS+ lets users create groups and distribution lists and manage the contacts using the Address Book option.

In Reports, you'll get the detailed credit history with the Credit Details option. User can view the sent SMS log in the SMS Report option as well as export all reports in comma-separated format (.csv). Users can also view the sent SMS summary through the SMS Summary option.

We also provide the facility to manage your details in User Profile and displays detailed coverage information for each country.  The SMS summary reports can be exported in pdf format.

Check out more technical details of the SMS management plateforme here

SMS management plateform features:

  • World-wide price based routing system.
  • Send text, unicode and flash messages from PC to mobile numbers in Cyprus, Greece, the UK and Russia.
  • Facility to send sms using multi-language characters (using Unicode messages)
  • Fast Delivery.
  • Reports for viewing detailed information of sent sms.
  • Unlimited storage of contact numbers in Groups and Distribution lists.
  • Accurate DLR Report.
  • User friendly, does not require any prior knowledge to use.

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