Mobile marketing in Cyprus

  • Cyprus had in December 2009 0.977 million mobile phone subscribers, or a 112.23% penetration rate.

Trends in Mobile Utilization

  • Mobile devices are heavily sold in CyprusThe use of mobile has become more important than the use of desktop PCs
  • Data / video usage exceeds voice calls.
  • 35% of American adults are using mobile devices for wireless Internet access.
  • The average iPhone user only spends 45% of his on-device time making voice calls
  • Access to the web and applications via mobile will soon be universal.
  • Smartphone usage of both browser and applications has increased more than 110% in 2010.
  • By end 2011, 99% of mobile phones will be data-capable devices – at minimum SMS enabled
  • The growth rate of iPhone use is 10 times faster than the growth rate of AOL was.
  • In 2012, shipments of Smartphones will exceed shipments of PCs.
  • 40% of iPhone/iTouch users access the Internet more on their mobile devices than on desktop PCs.

  • By end 2012 more Google Searches will be done on mobile devices than on PCs.

  • The major ISPs in Cyprus (Cyta, MTN, Primetel) are rapidly extending their network of WIFI hotspots and facilitate mobile internet access.

Mobile Marketing

What we can do for your business in Cyprus

SMS & Mobile Marketing in Cyprus

Short Message Service (SMS)

While a SMS Mobile Marketing program is similar to an email campaign there are also many differences.
Most companies choose to work with an experienced digital marketing company such as EworksWSI who packages the expertise and creativity, together with easy-to use tools where the users can create, send messages and analyze the results of their campaigns. Check out our SMS management platform!

Download the SMS management platform User Guide here


Mobile Banner Ads

Mobile Websites

How is your site displaying on a smartphoneDeveloping a website optimized for mobile browsing is a simple first step.

A mobile website will have categories that are most relevant to mobile customers (i.e., geolocalisation: store locators, get directions, links to product inventories and contact information) on the first page.

Mobile websites will be more concise, with simpler directory structures and lighter images as connection speed and available bandwidth is still an issue in Cyprus.

Download our current offer for mobile site development and optimization HERE:

EworksWSI Mobile Marketing 2011

EworksWSI Mobile Marketing 2011 330kb - 20-Jun-2011 - Download - Save for Later

Try out as example our mobile site on your smartphone:

Mobile Search, Optimization and Analytics

Mobile sites are indexed differently than websites by the major Search Engines like Google , Bing, etc.
If you want your mobile to be found by mobile searchers it must be specially optimized:
Please download our offer on mobile optimization in Cyprus here:

EworksWSI Mobile Marketing 2011

EworksWSI Mobile Marketing 2011 330kb - 20-Jun-2011 - Download - Save for Later

Analytics play a crucial role in the development of coherent mobile strategies and the prioritization of marketing spend in the same manner as they do with standard websites. Yet for most brands today, this isn't happening.

Smartphone Applications

Smartphone applications or often called 'mobile apps ' are specific to the OS your smartphone is running (iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows mobile, etc).

We developed a sample Symbian (for Nokia smartphones) application:
Try it on your Nokia phone

The iPhone is the most popular Smartphone worldwide.

Discover how to get tyour business on the iPhone

Mobile Video

  Watch below our video on mobile marketing

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