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List of available WSI client webinar recordings

Digital marketing presentation by Mark Jamieson

Covid-19 #7: How to Optimize Your Digital Presence During COVID-19

13-May-2020 | Mark Jamieson

This webinar in our Ahead of the Curve series looks at how consumer search behavior has changed and why companies are increasing their SEO budgets.

Digital marketing presentation by Cormac Farrelly

Covid-19 #4: Persona-Based Marketing: Understanding Your Target Audience in Challenging Times

22-Apr-2020 | Cormac Farrelly

This webinar will discuss the importance of persona-based marketing, and how you can ensure your marketing messages address the changing motivations of your target audience during challenging times.

Digital marketing presentation by Alison Lindemann

Covid-19 #3: Database Management - Learning the Basics of Managing Your Customer Database to Grow Your Business

15-Apr-2020 | Alison Lindemann

This webinar will discuss the basics of managing your customer database, and how doing so can help you grow your business, even during tough economic times.

Digital marketing presentation by François Muscat

Covid-19 #2: How to Analyze the Marketing Activities of Your Competitors to Get Ahead

08-Apr-2020 | François Muscat

This webinar is all about how you can use competitive research to find out how your competitors may have changed their marketing activities recently and how you can adjust your digital strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Digital marketing presentation by Ryan Kelly

Covid-19 #1: How to Use Video During COVID-19

01-Apr-2020 | Ryan Kelly

Our first webinar is all about using video across the core areas of your business.

Digital marketing presentation by Kelley Rochna

How to build your brand on Instagram

17-Mar-2016 | Kelley Rochna

Digital marketing presentation by Crystal Wiltshire

3 Factors That Can Impact Your SEO and Conversions Today

23-Jun-2015 | Crystal Wiltshire

We explain those critical SEO factors that can impact your overall conversions

Digital marketing presentation by Dennis Masella

Increase Your Brand Promotion 3 Strategies to Make Your Customers Take Notice

28-Apr-2015 | Dennis Masella

map out an effective plan for getting your brand out there, showcased in its glory, and ultimately, noticed by your customer base

Digital marketing presentation by Husam Jandal

15 Ways to Adapt to the New Digital Landscape of 2015

27-Nov-2014 | Husam Jandal

Learn how you and your team can adapt to the digital revolution.

Digital marketing presentation by  David Duncan

Social Selling: Eliminate Cold Calling With These 5 Steps.

24-Apr-2014 | David Duncan

Digital marketing presentation by Francois Muscat


27-Mar-2014 | Francois Muscat

Digital marketing presentation by  Jack Porter-Smith


27-Feb-2014 | Jack Porter-Smith

Digital marketing presentation by Chuck Bankoff

Expert's Guide to Flushing Your Website Budget Down the Toilet

30-Jan-2014 | Chuck Bankoff

Digital marketing presentation by Eric Cook

5 WAYS TO INTEGRATE MOBILE: Into Your Overall Marketing Strategy

19-Nov-2013 | Eric Cook

Digital marketing presentation by Rob Thomas

11 Tips for Building Your Personal Brand Using Social Media.

29-Aug-2013 | Rob Thomas

This webinar is a must attend for any business or marketing professional and will provide you with key takeaways so that you can ensure your social efforts measurably contribute to your personal online reputation.

Digital marketing presentation by Ron Packer

Social Media Marketing: The Art of Conversational Sales

15-May-2011 | Ron Packer

Digital marketing presentation by Sikander Jamal

3 Ways to Guarantee Customers Don’t Abandon Your Mobile Site

28-Aug-2014 | Sikander Jamal

Mobile marketing – believe it or not – is still underutilized by businesses and marketers everywhere…In other words, this is your chance gain a giant leap on your competition.

Digital marketing presentation by Tom Kuthy

5 step SEO for eCommerce sites

24-Nov-2011 | Tom Kuthy

Digital marketing presentation by Francois Muscat

7 Content Marketing Tip to Transform Your Digital Marketing Efforts

27-Feb-2013 | Francois Muscat

Digital marketing presentation by Cheryl Baldwin

Confessions of an Email Marketer: The Science Behind Boosting Conversions

24-Oct-2013 | Cheryl Baldwin

In this marketing guide, we’ll discuss the common mistakes to avoid and the best practices for ensuring your email campaigns can dodge spam blockers, arrive to your recipient’s inbox, get noticed, and - ultimately – get opened!

Digital marketing presentation by Ben Smith

How to Generate More Qualified Leads Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising

28-Mar-2013 | Ben Smith

Digital marketing presentation by Chuck Bankoff

Landing Page Love... 6 Essential Steps You Need to Know

25-Apr-2013 | Chuck Bankoff

Essential Landing page optimization tips

Digital marketing presentation by Erik Cook

Mobile Simplified - Mobile Marketing Strategies That Work

23-Aug-2012 | Erik Cook

Digital marketing presentation by Husam Jandal

The Road Map to a Successful Digital Journey for Your Business

24-Jan-2013 | Husam Jandal

Digital marketing presentation by Baltej Gill

The Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore in 2013

22-Nov-2012 | Baltej Gill







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