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Pickpockets at Lidl in Cyprus ( this)

Pickpockets have been active at Lidl in Cyprus.


Summary: Pickpockets have been active at Lidl in Cyprus.

Times are changing in Cyprus as well, and not for the better.

Until now the country had been spared from systematic pickpocketing. This is changing as well.

One of the consequences of the financial crisis in Cyprus and the continuing restrictive measures imposed by the Central bank of Cyprus is that the cash economy is on the increase again. Ordinary people try to safeguard as much of their savings as possible by keeping it in cash at home. Just in case the Central Bank imposes new, even stricter restrictions on cash flow on accounts held at Cypriot banks. Afraid of burglary, people carry more cash with them than usual. 

And pickpockets in Cyprus know this! Now at  Lidl in Cyprus.

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Be careful when shopping at Lidl in Cyprus!  This new thread is spreading to supermarkets in Cyprus but especially to Lidl supermarkets on crowded periods such as Saturday mornings.

 If you get pick-pocketed at Lidl in Cyprus do not expect any help from their security staff, they won't vision the video recordings without police order nor be of any other assistance. During a recent incident at Lidl pickpockets at Lidl CyprusStrovolos in Cyprus it were the other customers that proposed their help but not the Lidl staff.

It is most probably not their role (until now) but we did not get the impression that pickpocketing is considered an issue by Lidl Cyprus. No preventive measures are taken or planned for the time being.

We suggest to immediately report pickpocketing at Lidl to the police in Cyprus and try to identify pickpockets on the video tapes.

It seems good advice as well to ideally wear a money belt, around your waist and under your clothes and not let your bag unattended in the shopping cart at Lidl in Cyprus.

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Anonymous commented on 22-Aug-2016 09:29 AM Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
I had my purse stolen in Lidl Lakatamia on 19.8.16 police were informed -

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