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What are e-catalogues?

Any printed material as used today in marketing, sales or even operations can be digitized as e-magazine or digital magazine and will bring great value your business.

 This is the next generation of online content:
eCatalogues Cyprus

  • Product catalogs
  • Annual reports
  • Brochures
  • Sales sheets
  • other marketing collateral

The Content is i nteractive (IContent) and
turn your static documents into an interactive, dynamic online experience for the reader. It is easly distributed by e-mail, on CDs or USB keys. You may make it available on your own website or host it with Eworks WSI Cyprus.

E-publications is the most cost effedctive way to increase your return from marketing & sales printed materials, generate more engagement from your customers and convert more prospects.
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Case study:

WSI – Mississauga, Canada - The WSI Wisdom Book

WSI e-brochureWSI wanted to print out 500 samples of this collection of case studies to distribute it to one of the annual conferences.

After investigating the advantages of the digital publication, WSI added a collection of white papers and published it online.

The goal was to have the case studies book available for end clients with an easy access for anybody worldwide.


WSI saved more than USD 6000 by using the digital magazine version instead of the printed version.

In 4 months from launch the book was read by 2657 unique readers who were located in more than 80 countries.

These results could not have been achieved within the initial budget.

Why use e-catalogues

Reduce your printing cost:
E-catalogues are cost efficient and will save your marketing budget significant printing expenses

Broader reach of YOUR market:
Online catalogues are easily distributed to a much bigger number of selected recipients and get in places where the print cannot within the same budget. Coupled to an e-mailing campaign, online publishing becomes an extremely powerful marketing tool.

24/7 online presence : always up-to-date
Paper catalogues and brochures are mainly read once and then discarted, online publications are available 24/7 and your clients will always know where to find your latest publication: e-catalogues are easily updated and available immediately to your targets.

Complete Tracking and Analytics:
We track and analyse the use of your
e-catalogues. We provide several analytical options that will allow y ou to know exactly the number of readers, their areas of interst, their geographical distribution, etc., we can even provide a heatmap of areas clicked within your publication.

Boost your SEO and Social Media Marketing:
More links to your site, more content to publish and to talk about, higher usage of your corporate site and get more easily on the search engines first page

Thought Leadership:
Be perceived by your target market as a thought leader

High User satisfaction and may more erceived Values:
Users will perceive you as environmental-friendly, enjoy the ease of use and search, value the fresh content and more...

A very easy integration in the
overall marketing strategies (online / offline)
You can reach or even overpass your marketing objectives with a much lower budget with  WSI's e-catalogues. Our online publications will complement or replace your printed documents and allow you to cut printing costs although reaching a much broader audience.

Which online publication solution is best for my business?

We have several options available that can be personalized to suit exactly your object ives:

  • Imagine a simple page flipper that brings your monthly special offer brochure to your clients by e-mail
  • A hundreds of pages long catalogues that would be impossible to download in pdf,
  • Think of the impact of your annual report that starts with a video address from the Chairman  

Customization options are endless. We define the exact solution that fits best your eMagazine Cyprusbusiness requirements in a preliminary meeting during which all available option will be discused.

We help you to chose the right solution!

To find out more about how the WSI can work for your business: Give us a call at +357-22675747


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