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Achieving Excellence in eCommerce

Monday, June 07, 2021    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Editor's Note: This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been updated with additional content in June 2021. What was initially a secondary option for businesses to push extra product, eCommerce has disrupted traditional retail and taken over as the primary option for many shoppers. And as consumers continue to show brands love by buying their products online, the percentage of total retail dollars spent will continue to slide toward eCommerce. The realities of eCommerce and the new direction they have paved for the shopping industry mean businesses n...  

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Email Marketing Questions

Thursday, May 27, 2021    Comments (0)    Permalink  
As the world’s largest and most experienced digital marketing agency network, WSI knows a thing or two about email marketing. In this blog post, we answer the most frequently asked questions by business owners about email marketing. Let's get started! How do I ensure my email marketing subscription list is legal? Before charging head-first into the effective tactic of email marketing, make sure that you comply with the relevant anti-spam and protection of privacy regulations: United States: CAN-SPAM Act Canada: CASL Europea...  

How to Make Email Marketing Work for Your Business

Monday, May 03, 2021    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Email marketing is one of the most effective lead generation tools available to you. It enables you to connect with your target audience in a more personalized way, increase sales at an affordable cost, keep your brand top of mind and deliver a strong return on investment. Like every powerful tool, however, it needs to be used properly to yield the desired results. In the latest of WSI’s ongoing digital marketing webinars, WSI Marketing Specialist Cynthia Mordecai shares six best practices to help you make your email marketing go further for your business. Catch up on the recordi...  

How to Deliver Compelling Email Marketing in 2021

Thursday, April 15, 2021    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Editor's Note: This post was originally published in January 2019 and has been updated with new content and details for 2021. It’s time to step up your email marketing game in 2021. With people’s inboxes constantly overflowing with countless emails from businesses and brands like yours, you have to think of ways to stand out from the crowd.   Email marketing remains an extremely powerful tool for nurturing leads, promoting consistent engagement, building customer relationships and driving lead conversions. A well thought-out strategy is essential to make sure that you get th...  

Cutting Through the Noise: Email Marketing for Businesses

Tuesday, March 23, 2021    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Whether you’re just starting up or you plan to celebrate your thirtieth year in business, there’s always room to grow your customer base. But how do you grow your business when you devote all your time to running it. It would help to have something fast and easy that won’t detract from daily operations. Email marketing remains the most effective marketing tool at your disposal, but only if it’s done correctly. What is Email Marketing? Email marketing is a powerful type of digital marketing that involves sending emails to a list of customers and prospective clients. Using ...  

Why the Customer Experience You Deliver is Vital in A Digital World

Wednesday, March 10, 2021    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Businesses, whether online via eCommerce or in physical space, are always facing human beings. People are who we are selling to, who we are delivering products to, and who we are providing service to. The human element of business has always made developing relationships with customers essential, just as real estate agents have always made an effort to make empty, on-the-market homes feel homier (using tricks like baking cookies). Although the increasingly virtual nature of business has reduced face to face contact with one’s customers, it’s crucial to remember that people are...  

How to Build a Marketing Tech Stack

Wednesday, February 10, 2021    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Editor's Note: This post was originally published on our blog in November 2019 and has been updated with new content and details for 2021. By now it’s no secret that marketing and technology go together like gin and tonic. (Or mustard and ketchup. PB and J...you get the idea). They’re a duo. Naturally paired together to enhance the overall experience. Nowadays, it’s damn near impossible for marketers to perform without the right tools and technologies in their arsenal. The marketing world is non-stop and there are literally thousands of tools and innovations that were designed to...  

Succeeding in the New Normal with LinkedIn

Monday, January 25, 2021    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Gunnar Hood, a WSI consultant in Oklahoma City and author of our eBook specifically about LinkedIn, shared his experience as an expert with B2B and professional service companies. You can catch up on the recording here. Business Case for LinkedIn and the New Normal The impact of COVID-19 pushed people out of their comfort zones. While uncomfortable, it is also the best way to grow. Because so many in-person meetings, networking events, and tradeshows were put on hold in 2020, LinkedIn became an even more attractive option because it: Boasts 63 million decision makers and 30 mil...  

What is Inbound Marketing and Why Is It Important?

Thursday, January 14, 2021    Comments (0)    Permalink  
If you’re in the realm of digital marketing, you’ve probably heard the phrase “inbound marketing” a couple of times. Plenty of marketers emphasize the importance of inbound marketing in their digital strategy. While it’s easy to grasp the basics, inbound marketing can be a tricky but cost-effective process that lets you convert customers organically (and save your advertising budget.) What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology that highlights the importance of content creation to attract customers and move them through your sales funnel. ...  

Synchronize Your Social Media With Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Wednesday, January 13, 2021    Comments (0)    Permalink  
“Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage.” - Amy Jo Martin It’s true. by 2023, there will be approximately 3.43 billion people around the world using social media. Because of the vast audience available on social networks, digital marketers have dived into social media branding and marketing, sharing content, sponsoring social ads, engaging with followers and more. Marketers put in all of this effort, but if a social media strategy is disjointed from the rest of the digital marketing strategy, it can mean a lot of spin...  

4 Lead Generation strategies (Free and Paid)

Thursday, December 31, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Pros & Cons of popular Lead generation Strategies (You’ve probably already Heard About) If you’re not yet familiar with these strategies, you have probably seen these buzzwords. They all work great (if done correctly). There are pros and cons for each, and some make more sense for your type of business. Let’s start with the one that gets leads the fastest… Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Google didn’t get so rich by ranking you for free. Over time they’ve shifted the search results to feature the paid advertisements while pushing the organic (free…or “natural” results) farthe...  

The Future of Post-COVID Marketing: 5 Predictions for 2021

Monday, December 28, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Well...this post is going to be a little different than in previous years, isn't it? I guess that's true of most things in 2020, so it's no longer surprising. Usually, when December rolls around, we wax poetic about the joy of Thanksgiving, which carries into the merriment and wonder of the holiday season, culminating with Christmas and New Year's Eve. Then we write our annual marketing predictions post and all is right in the world. We're still going to do all of the above. And we sincerely wish you still find the joy and merriment of years past throughout the 2020 ho...  

What is Video Marketing and How Can It Help You Generate Revenue?

Saturday, December 26, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
4.4 billion – that’s how many blog posts were written today. So how do you and your company stand out in this sea of blog posts? Having a video marketing strategy has become necessary to enhance your marketing campaign efforts. Whether it’s creating awareness or generating more leads, the combination of video and marketing is now more relevant than ever. This strategy gives marketers an attractive and versatile format that can be easily shared online, further accelerating brand growth. What is Video Marketing, and Why Does Your Business Need It? Video marketing has become a sure-sho...  

The Ultimate Guide for Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, December 15, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Now that we live in the digital age, we are exposed to social media every single day. Why? Because social media allows us to communicate and share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time. When you take a look from a marketing perspective within a business, no matter how big or how small, social media has become a necessary marketing channel that all companies need to tap into at some capacity to be successful. Moreover, if you have a stellar social media strategy, great things will come from it, and you will see the results firsthand. That sounds easy and doabl...  

WSI Wins the Medical Standard of Excellence Award at 2020 WebAwards

Wednesday, November 18, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
When Geneva-based Leman Aesthetic Clinic’s (LAC) new website was announced as the winner of the Medical Standard of Excellence Award at the 2020 WMA WebAwards. It was yet another feat for WSI in winning the award for the second year, this time thanks to local WSI Digital Marketing Consultant in Switzerland, Gabor Markus and his team. The WMA WebAwards is an annual international competition that is organised by the Web Marketing Association, setting and recognising the latest industry benchmarks in web design and developments. Participating since 2007, WSI has consistently pe...  

Everything Businesses Need to Know About SEO

Wednesday, October 07, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Search engine optimization (SEO) is as vast as it is misunderstood. It’s one of the most essential concepts driving digital marketing today and a must-know for marketers who want to see their business succeed online. If you’ve spent as much time as we have researching the ins and outs of SEO, you’ve probably realized that algorithms change often, and the strategies that work for you one day can become almost meaningless the next. It’s enough to drive even the most level-headed of marketing pros up the wall. Still, some things never change when it comes to SEO, and those are t...  

Digital Marketing Best Practices in Manufacturing

Friday, October 02, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
As part of our ongoing series of digital marketing strategy webinars, we have assembled a panel of speakers who bring insights and best practices related explicitly to driving leads and conversion rate optimization in the manufacturing field: Neal Lappe – WSI certified agency and co-author of “Digital Minds: A Strategic Approach to Connecting and Engaging with Your Customers Online”; Marty Greif – WSI partner, with over 25 years as a conversion expert; Steve Condit – WSI certified agency, with 30 years’ experience in manufacturing marketing. You can watch the recording he...  

WSI Named Top Agency by Web Marketing Association for Second Year in a Row

Wednesday, September 23, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
WSI is proud to announce that for the second year in a row, we have been crowned the Top Agency by the Web Marketing Association. The Top Agency Award recognizes the consistently outstanding development going on at interactive digital marketing firms. WSI outranked its global competition and won the most WebAwards in this year's WMA WebAward competition. Award-Winning Web Designs Overall WSI won 13 awards in the 2020 WebAwards competition including Best Home Building Website, Best Political Website, seven Outstanding Website WebAwards, and four Standard of Excellenc...  

Understanding Your Target Audience Now

Tuesday, September 15, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Throughout April and May this year, WSI conducted a free webinar series to share digital marketing tips, tricks, and best practices that you can use to overcome the marketing obstacles you are facing in today's business world. Here is a quick recap, plus the recording from our “Ahead of the Curve” webinar on understanding your target audience in challenging times by Cormac Farrelly from Dublin, Ireland. What is a Buyer Persona? The best definition can be found in our book, Digital Minds: A Strategic Approach to Connecting & Engaging with Your Customers...  

Content Marketing: The Lifeblood of Digital Marketing

Monday, August 17, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
A long time ago, marketing involved a lot of interruption. To get the word out about a product, service, or brand, marketers, and advertisers would place ads in newspapers, between TV shows and songs on the radio, on building and billboards – hoping to catch a consumer’s attention during some other activity. Some efforts were more subtle: paying a celebrity to wear a particular brand, or showing a beloved character in a movie using one specific type of dish soap. Others even more closely resembled today’s content marketing, like educational brochures on a front desk, ...  

A Digital Marketing Guide to Getting Online: Part Three - Audience

Wednesday, August 12, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
So you have an Online Store – now what? The adage “Build it and they will come” doesn’t work when talking about websites, as we talked in part one and two of our blog series. So you will have to invest at the correct level to drive traffic and for many brands or retailers that translates to maybe 8-15% of revenue – it depends on the market, product, and how established the business is. The trick will be to develop a marketing blueprint that builds your organic traffic, forms your loyal customer base while also funding new customer acquisition through paid adverti...  

Moving Your In-Person Event Online

Wednesday, July 01, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
One thing that the Coronavirus pandemic has cemented for me is that adaptability is the key to success. With no time to prepare, business owners all over have had to suddenly pivot away from tried-and-tested strategies to the unknown and unfamiliar. This shift has led to the growth of e-commerce (check out our multi-part series on eCommerce, A Guide To Getting Online, with part one focusing on business strategy, and part two focusing on technology) and the rise of online meetings, virtual happy-hours, and in-home training. When it comes to transitioning an in-person event to a ...  

11 Steps to Redefining Your Digital Marketing Plan Post-COVID-19

Sunday, June 28, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
We concluded our Ahead of the Curve webinar series with a thought-provoking presentation on Defining Your Post-COVID-19 Digital Marketing Plan. Carlos Guzman, one of our WSI Digital Marketing Consultants from Mexico City, did an amazing job of recapping the strategies and concepts we talked about over the last several weeks. During his session, he shared eleven steps to help guide you through revisiting your current digital marketing activities and making the necessary adjustments for today's marketplace. We know that the company you went into this pandemic with from an operati...  

A Guide to Getting Online: Part Two - eCommerce Technology

Thursday, June 25, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
In this second post in the series about getting online (you can find the first part here!), we are taking a look at the technology platforms and decisions you will need to make as part of that process. You might be surprised that I didn’t look at this first, but in truth, you want to run a business, not become an IT expert. IT will become a more significant part of your world as an eCommerce operator, but if you don’t get your strategy and mission correct first, and have good content, then no platform will save your enterprise. Thankfu...  

A Guide to Getting Online: Part One - Business Strategy

Friday, June 12, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
There is no doubt that these are unprecedented times, and while my grandmother might have remembered the ‘Spanish Flu’ living through a pandemic like this is a new and scary experience. However, if we look at the impact of SARS on consumer behavior in China, then we can get an idea of what might happen post-COVID 19 – SARS catapulted China forward to be the leading online economy. eCommerce has been growing quickly and steadily for the last 10 to 15 years as the data from Statistica shows. Still, I believe one of the significant impacts of COVID-19 will be to accelerate...  

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