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2016 Web Design trends that will enhance Conversions ( this)

2016 WebDesign trends that will enhancesite Conversions in Cyprus by following these wed design guidelines focused on conversion.


Summary: 2016 WebDesign trends that will enhancesite Conversions in Cyprus by following these wed design guidelines focused on conversion.

webdesign trends 2016 cyprus

We have put together the main webdesign trends for 2016. Not  only from a website design perpsective but focused on website conversions, because it doesn't help your business in Cyprus to have a nice website with some traffic if no visitor clicks on your calls to action (CTA). The 1st question would be:do you have clear CTAs on your site? Do your visitors always know what they should do next? On their desktop, tablet and mobile phone? Not so sure? Have a look on the below design approaches:

Main Topics:

webdesign trends 2016  full width images

  1. Full-Width Images: Using large, full-width images, videos or cinemagraphs draw people’s attention, increasing the likelihood of a conversion click. Images of people connect especially well. Make sure that your full width image is clickable and integrated in a responsive design.

    Why It converts: Studies have shown that large images make people stop and take notice. ft's exactly that kind of "interruption" that contributes to higher levels of conversion. 

    webdesign trends cyprus 2016 split screen
  2. Split-Screen Layouts: These are a great way of splitting an audience, and funnelling them into whichever area on the site they are most likely to convert.
    Why it converts: If you offer several types of products. services, or categories, it makes sense to split your users into the correct landing page as soon as possible.
    By using a split screen, you quickly allow your audience to "choose their own adventure" and head to where they will more likely convert. 

    2016 webdesign trends monochromatic colors
  3. Monochromatic Colors (With Contrasting CTA): By giving your call-to-action button a bright pop of color on an otherwise monochromatic background, it will much more likely be noticed. And a noticed CTA gets way more clicks than one you have to hunt down.
    Why it converts: Your CTA (call-to-action) should always stand out, and a bright pop of color on an otherwise neutral or contrasting color pallette can really do the trick.  
    webdesign Cyprus what to see in 2016 prioritized navigation
  4. Prioritized Navigation: When you successfully give a hierarchy to your navigation items, you can often direct your users exactly where you want them to go in order to complete a conversion. This is accomplished by providing only your most important pages in the navigation bar, hiding the rest in a secondary navigation, and drawing extra attention to your main CTA by styling it as a button.
    Why it converts: Given too many options. users are 10x less likely to convert. So by tucking away all secondary navigation In a hidden menu icon, you prioritize where you want them to go in order to make a conversion.
    Tip: Style your main CTA as a button for maximum clickability.

    minimal lead capture webdesign cyprus 2016
  5. Minimal Lead Capture: You can increase the amount of email addresses your users provide you with if you remove all distractions. All you need is a strong headline, persuasive subheadline and a single form field.
    Why it converts: What better way to capture leads than to simply ask, with no distractions?
    Place alone on a landing page. and pair with some compelling benefit-driven copy and you're all set. 

    video is part of the 2016 webdesign trends in Cyprus
  6. Video: Videos are a great way to build trust and show your audience who you are. Breaking down this barrier and winning them over will result in more leads and sales.
    Why it converts: One of the biggest hurdles between a web visitor and making a sale is trust. Video is an excellent way to personalize your brand, and let your audience see what you're all about
    Tip: Use Welcome Videos - Testimonials - Product Videos (More about videos)

    mobile sticky call to action in webdesign cyprus 2016
  7. Sticky CTA: Always keep your CTA visible. A fantastic way of doing this is keeping it in a sticky header, sidebar or footer.
    Why it converts: Since your CTA is the most important part of your page. it's good practice to always keep it visible.
    Keep it in a sticky header for desktop, and consider a dedicated sticky footer for mobile, so it's always at-the-ready.

    card design in website design trends 2016
  8. Card Design: This Pinterest-inspired design allows users to quickly see and click on what interests them the most, where they are most likely to convert. 
    Why it converts: This Pinterest-inspired trend allows people to quickly (and visually) go to whatever interests them. which happens to be where they are most likely to convert.  
    single column cta click to action webdesign cyprus 2016
  9. Single Column CTA: No matter how many columns a website uses, by interrupting the flow and placing a headline, sub-headline and CTA button in a single column (with plenty of white space around it,) has been shown to increase clicks.
    Why it converts: By eliminating sidebar distractions. it has been shown that positioning your CTA in a single column can increase clicks.  
    personalized UX - user experience in 2016 webdesign cyprus

  10. Personalized User Experiences: By keeping track of what a user has already looked at, and providing them more of the same on subsequent visits, (as we can provide through the EworksWSI eFusion system) they are much more likely to pull the trigger than if they had to go looking for it all over again.
    Why it converts: Using location, buying activity. browsing activity, and other data, you can tailor the browsing process to individual users. This personalization gives each interaction much more potential to convert.  

2016 webdesign trends Eworkswsi cyprus 

And here is the full infographic '2016 webdesign trends'

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