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Succeeding in the New Normal with LinkedIn

Monday, January 25, 2021    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Gunnar Hood, a WSI consultant in Oklahoma City and author of our eBook specifically about LinkedIn, shared his experience as an expert with B2B and professional service companies. You can catch up on the recording here. Business Case for LinkedIn and the New Normal The impact of COVID-19 pushed people out of their comfort zones. While uncomfortable, it is also the best way to grow. Because so many in-person meetings, networking events, and tradeshows were put on hold in 2020, LinkedIn became an even more attractive option because it: Boasts 63 million decision makers and 30 mil...  

The Ultimate Guide for Social Media Marketing

Tuesday, December 15, 2020    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Now that we live in the digital age, we are exposed to social media every single day. Why? Because social media allows us to communicate and share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time. When you take a look from a marketing perspective within a business, no matter how big or how small, social media has become a necessary marketing channel that all companies need to tap into at some capacity to be successful. Moreover, if you have a stellar social media strategy, great things will come from it, and you will see the results firsthand. That sounds easy and doabl...  

5 Tips to Grow Your Online Reputation and Brand on LinkedIn

Tuesday, August 13, 2019    Comments (0)    Permalink  
LinkedIn has become a vital social media tool for brands and businesses. Your customers and prospective customers are on LinkedIn. Your investors and key stakeholders are on LinkedIn. Your employees and potential employees are on LinkedIn. With that, reputation management has become a crucial part of many businesses’ LinkedIn strategy. Why is it important to grow your online reputation and brand on LinkedIn? According to Hootsuite, as the top-rated social network for lead generation, LinkedIn has become one of the most important social media platforms to invest in. Maintaining y...  

The Right Data Will Make All the Difference

Monday, May 21, 2018    Comments (0)    Permalink  
When it comes to data and numbers, conventional wisdom tells us to be weary of small sample sizes. For good reason; if you launch a digital marketing campaign and happen to convert a website visitor into a customer on the first day, you can’t realistically expect to convert every person who visits your website. It’s just common sense. However, the difference between a sample size that’s irrelevant and one that actually large enough to be valuable is, ironically, quite small. We recently saw exactly this in a social media campaign we’re running for a client, and it opened our eye...  

Why LinkedIn is the New Social Media Superhero for B2B Companies

Monday, October 09, 2017    Comments (0)    Permalink  
A couple of statistics that LinkedIn shared in a recent blog post reflects its growing popularity in the B2B community. 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, 46% percent of social media traffic coming to B2B company sites is from the same platform, and an overwhelming 79% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is an effective source for generating leads! In other words, if you operate in the B2B world, there’s no way you can stay oblivious to the growing prowess of this social media platform. LinkedIn, along with other popular social media platforms have changed the way the business worl...  

What's the Best time to post on Social Media?

Monday, August 11, 2014    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Find out the  best time to post on Social Media and get the best engagement from your community. When are your contacts most available to read your posts and engage with your content? Some statistics show that the best time to post depends on the Social Network itself:   Facebook Best time: Weekdays 06h:00 - 08h:00 and 14h:00-17h:00 Worst time: on week-ends and between 22h:00 - 04h:00  Twitter: Best time: Weekends 13h:00 - 15h:00 Worst time: 20h:00 - 08h:00 Google+ Best time: 09h:00 - 11h:00 Worst time: 18h:00 - 07h:00   LinkedIn Best time: 07h:00 - 08h:30 an...  

Use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation

Monday, March 24, 2014    Comments (0)    Permalink  
LinkedIn can be a powerful lead gen tool for B2B marketers. Some of the key points from the graphic are: The vast majority (86%) of lead conversions on LinkedIn originate from discussion posts. 1/3 of these posts end with question marks, you could use the 'LindekIn Answers' as a valuable tactic for lead generation by answering questions and appear as the expert! The average length of the posts that convert is 248 characters, so be concise and professional. LinkedIn leads the way with 80% of all B2B social media conversions. Here’s the full infographic:   Base...  

How to Leverage Linkedin in 2014

Wednesday, January 08, 2014    Comments (0)    Permalink  
7  Powerful  Steps  To  Leverage  Linkedin  in  2014          Over  the  past  few  years,  Linkedin  has  really  separated  itself   from  other  Social  Media  Networks  such  as  Twitter  and   Facebook.    Its  current  user  base  exceeds  259  Million  and   with  over  2.1  Million  interest  groups  within  Li...  

LinkeIn counts 238.000.000 members

Wednesday, November 13, 2013    Comments (0)    Permalink  
LinkeIn officially launched on May 5, 2003. At the end of the first month in operation, LinkedIn had a total of 4,500 members in the network. LinkedIn is currently available in twenty languages. The company has more than 4,200 full-time employees with offices in 26 cities around the world. Global LinkedIn membership The network couts today 238 Mio members, only 35% are located in the US.     Regional LinkeIn membership 74M+ EMEA 57M+ Europe 42M+ Asia and the Pacific 8M+ Southeast Asia 4M+ DACH ​9M+ MENA    Connect with EworksWSI on LinkedIN  

Use LinkedIn to Find a Job in Cyprus

Wednesday, April 17, 2013    Comments (3)    Permalink  
80% of all jobs are landed because of networking. But there are only so many networking lunches and coffees in Cyprus that you can attend. We thought sharing some alternative ideas on how to use LinkedIn to find a job. LinkedIn is an exceptional social networking tool for salespeople, but it can also be a terrific tool to use if you’re looking for your next job. You can hit the 'JOB' button on the top menu and all jobs in your network are listed. But this approach remains rather untargeted. One of the best ways to use LinkedIn to find a job is to use your college affiliation. Many p...  

8 SEO Benefits of Pinterest in your Web Presence

Monday, July 30, 2012    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Just when you thought you had your social media strategy and web presence under control, yet another social networking site is becoming mainstream. Seven months ago it was Google+, now it’s Pinterest and it is gaining momentum in popularity as well as relevance in organic search. Pinterest is a social photo sharing website that has also been described as an online pin board. Its more than 10 million registered users, over 2 million of whom log in every day , “pin” photos, graphics, and videos into categories they create based on their own personal interests. Pinterest users also sh...  

Add your LinkedIn profile to your facebook fan page

Friday, August 27, 2010    Comments (1)    Permalink  
This is an easy way to have your Linkedin profile displayed on a separate TAB on your facebook fan page. Remember: Separate your face-book profile (personal) from your fan page (business). How to add this your LinkedIn public profile to your Facebook page (as opposed to your user profile): 1 - Make sure you are logged in as ADMINISTRATOR to your Facebook page 2 - Go to : http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?v=wall&ref=appd&id=6394109615 3 - Click ADD TO MY PAGE (top left) and then select the page you want to add it to if you maintain several facebook pages) and click...  

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