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5 Top Metrics Every Digital Marketer Should Know in Cyprus

Monday, June 05, 2017    Comments (0)    Permalink  
“Most people use statistics the way a drunkard uses a lamppost, more for support than illumination.” – Mark Twain Though Mark Twain wasn’t talking about digital marketing when he said that, he might have predicted something true, especially in current times when almost every good marketer pays close attention to their analytics reports. No matter the industry in Cyprus, knowing how people are interacting with your online properties can give you as a marketer a clear advantage over your competitors. The question though is how many marketers and business owners use their analyt...  

How much mobile data do you get in Europe for 30€?

Sunday, November 27, 2016    Comments (2)    Permalink  
There are huge differences from country to country in Europe in mobile data (LTE) that a monthly 30€ contract delivers. Rare are mobile providers that provide real unlimited mobile data usage. It is mostly the Nordic countries that offer unlimited mobile data for a 30€ monthly contract. The German magazine Der Spiegel in cooperation with Statista published the below mobile data comparison volume by EU country. Graphic 1: Mobile Internet tariffs per EU country - How much mobile data can you get for a 30€ contract? In 6 countries a mobile data contract of a maximum of 30€ will let you ...  

How to Tell the Difference Between Impactful Mobile Trends and Fleeting Fads

Sunday, October 16, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
If you have kids, or remember being a kid (I’m a very sad panda for whoever doesn’t), you’re well aware of the power of fads. You know, the latest and greatest gadget, toy or game your son or daughter (or, ah, you) absolutely must have, mainly because they really want it, but also because Billy from down the street already has it? Yeah, those fads. Many moons ago, the school yards were filled with marbles; then it was pogs, followed quickly by Pokémon cards and, of couse, devil sticks. I remember having these things separately but also all at once, though the reality is each one...  

The Mobile Technology Movement

Friday, September 30, 2016    Comments (2)    Permalink  
Remember how you used to feel the moment you realized you lost your wallet? Yeah, us too. We also remember the point in time where, all of a sudden, our wallets were secondary. No wallet, no problem...as long as we've still got our smartphones! Think about it, though. Assuming your wallet doesn't contain thousands of dollars in cash, you'll usually have a bunch of plastic that, while extremely annoying to get replaced, can be replaced. Not only is a smartphone much more expensive than (most) wallets, it also generally contains things that can't be recovered, like photos and file...  


Tuesday, September 13, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
  While the first mobile phones provided consumers with one basic function, to make telephone calls wirelessly, today’s mobile devices do much more than simply allow you to talk with someone else. They have become our web browser video cameras, social media device, navigation guide, gaming platform, appointment calendar, alarm clock, flashlight, etc… Depending on which apps you’ve downloaded, there’s a good chance your mobile device does much more, but suffice to say the days of “just making phone calls” are a thing of the past.   As a businesses seek to capture...  

How eCommerce is Changing the Shopping Game

Tuesday, March 22, 2016    Comments (0)    Permalink  
The eCommerce game. In business, you need to be flexible and adapt when necessary; don't be content with what you've built, but instead be passionate about improving upon it at all costs. With these wise words in mind, we created an infographic to outline the opportunity businesses have to take advantage of eCommerce and all the ways it's changing the shopping game: As consumers, we've all felt it over the the last few years: Shopping has changed. Whether it's getting grocery delivered to your door or happily avoiding malls over the holiday season, eCommerce has evolved the re...  


Thursday, April 09, 2015    Comments (0)    Permalink  
The end of the world is set for April 21, 2015. Hmm, wait a second, that's not the end of the world - it's the day Google will release their much ballyhooed mobile algorithm update. Considering the way people are reacting to the search giant's news, however, it would seem that the apocalypse is upon us. While I don’t think the end of days is nigh, here’s what business owners and marketers should know. What Makes This Update So Different? There are a few outliers contributing to the pandemonium (honestly, no pun intended, but now that I realize, it’s hard not to chuckle). Th...  

5 Digital Trends To Get You Ahead In 2015 with WSI

Thursday, November 27, 2014    Comments (0)    Permalink  
One of the best ways to get ahead of your competitors is to take your marketing efforts above and beyond theirs. Because of the constant and rapid changes of the digital marketing space, the opportunities to do this are plentiful - they just require time, effort and a little bit of risk. The first step to getting ahead of your competitors is understanding and even predicting the conditions of not only your own industry, but the digital marketing industry as well. Once you can make an educated guess as to what the future looks like, you can start to build toward that future. Even...  

The World Is full of Smartphones ‘N Tablets

Saturday, August 23, 2014    Comments (0)    Permalink  
5 Mobile Trends to Watch Change is constant in the digital marketing world. Whether you work in the industry or are just trying to do better marketing for your business or company, staying updated with the digital space is a big task. There's no doubt that the world is in love with smartphones and tablets; and the trend is easy to understand: We live in a world where we need the Internet at our fingertips, and smartphones and tablets are now capable of delivering a consistent (and more efficient) digital experience than cumbersome laptops and desktops. What does this mean...  

Can Mobile SEO Help my Non-Mobile or Local Business?

Friday, March 21, 2014    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Can Mobile SEO Help my Non-Mobile or Local Business? Google published recently a study saying that mobile search volume could exceed desktop search volume by the end of 2014. If this might be true for certain geographical areas (and probably not the ones that are coming now to your mind) and age groups; there's quite a bit more nuance to the trend. We found Rand's analysis on MOZ Whiteboard Friday very helpful to understand that nuance and how we can level-up our mobile game in ways that will benefit our local, non-mobile businesses.  Is mobile important to your locan...  

From Mobile Apps to Shopping Lists

Wednesday, January 29, 2014    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Shopping is done online and through mobile devices 56% of people in the U.S. own a smartphone and 35% own a tablet 30% of the digitally savvy people own both a tablet & smartphone 2 out of 5 digitally savvy people in the U.S. have a store app 55% use a shopping app once a week or more often 4 out of 10 males have a store app and 4.5 out of 10 women have a store app 44% of 18-34 year olds, 46% of 35-54 year olds, and 34% of 55+ year olds have a store app 25% of the store app owners use it for coupons as to 24% use it for big box stores The top reaso...  

Digital Marketing Trends 2014

Thursday, January 23, 2014    Comments (0)    Permalink  
2014 will again transform the digital marketing landscape in Cyprus in terms of: Content Marketing Simplicity will matter even more in 2014 329 Mio Users read blogs each month Storytelling will become paramount 9 out of 10 organizations will use Content Marketing The importance of Link Building will decrease 27 Mio pieces of Content are shared every day Advertizing More  Data Management Platforms (DMP) Location based Marketing Increased importance of Social ROI New Google Ad formats expected Big Data  From 2014 to 2020 Big Data is...  

Ready to build a mobile site?

Friday, January 17, 2014    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Are you ready to build your mobile site? Here are 10 best practices:   1. Keep it quick 2. Simplify navigation 3. Be thumb-friendly 4. Design for visibility 5. Make it accessible 6. Make it easy to convert 7. Make it local 8. Make it seamless 9. Use mobile site redirects 10. Listen, learn and improve Just because a website can be viewed on a smartphone does not mean it is mobile-friendly. See below how a customized site will enhance your mobile customers’ experience.       Not Mobile friendly Side-to...  

How to Start an Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign

Friday, February 01, 2013    Comments (0)    Permalink  
Start an Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign While a SMS Mobil Marketing program is similar to an email campaign there are also many differences. Most companies choose to work with an experienced digital marketing company such as Eworks WSI who package the expertise and creativity, along with an easy-to use tool where you can create, send and analyze the results of your campaign. An Effective Mobile Marketing Campaign Starts With: •    Permission Based Marketing •    How to Build Your Mobile Marketing Customer Base •    Ident...  

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