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Educational Industry Fact Sheet

A study released by eMarketer illustrates that the education sector is one of the top industries in the world currently using social media as part of their overall strategy. Seventy-two percent of respondents in the education industry said they currently implement social media tactics in their marketing initiatives. Meanwhile, 17% of educational companies worldwide said they plan to add social media to their marketing programs. Only a small percentage (6%) said they do not use social media or ha

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Financial Sector Industry fact Sheet

Immediate Areas of Focus for Social and Mobile: When we look at the latest digital marketing opportunities of social media and mobile for businesses in the financial services sector, a Bank's main consideration and focus should be on how they can use these technologies to increase brand awareness, serve existing clients and attract new customers. On the social front, financial companies are leveraging social technologies like blogs to educate consumers on their products and services and provide

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Real Estate Industry Fact Sheet

Industry Overview The residential real estate brokerage and management industry is largely driven by population growth. Profitability of this industry is dependent upon the demand for properties and, subsequently, the volume of transactions handled. These factors are typically higher during periods of strong economic growth and can suffer from a recession or too much new construction. Major services in the industry include real estate brokerage, leasing of residential units and property manageme

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