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Live Chat and online appointment scheduling apps are major conversion elements on your website, in particular on eCommerce sites. They can integrate seamlessly with your current design.
EworksWSI Cyprus gets them for you working on your site.

Live Chat

Live Chat adds the "human" touch and interaction to websites and support. At its best, the internet simulates the human experience… a tough job with one-way conversations typically being the recourse.

So how then can you fully engage your visitors "Real Time"?

Actually, it's called Total Live Chat. In this solution WSI takes care of everything.

There's an alternative solution in which covers the 2 parts of  running a Live Chat on your site:


1. Live Chat providers offer (limited) free subscriptions as well as paid subscriptions for more professional applications. EworksWSI will help selecting the most adequate solution for your business and
2. integrate the selected Live Chat into your website.
We'll then provide training for your operators. Depending on your current webplatform we'll define the best solution together with you.

If you are already using (or plan to use) the WSI eFusion platform, we offer an integrated Live Chat  solution that pulls data from your eFusion CRM and displays it live during the operators call: All CRM details together with purchase and ticketing history.

EworksWSI will get your Live Chat work for your business: Call us +357-22675747

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Online Appointment scheduling

Allow clients to set and reschedule appointments anytime, from any device

Open Appointment scheduling account Offer an online list of services, fees and scheduling options
Reduce no-shows by automating confirmations & reminders
Stay in-sync with your phone and existing calendar - Outlook, Google, iCal and more

Free 15 days trial - no Engagement - No Credit cards required


Online Scheduling transforms your website into an interactive Site offering self-service online appointment scheduling. Clients can schedule a consultation, an appointment or a service – at their convenience.
EworksWSI will integrate the scheduling Software into your web or mobile site, email campaign and social network. No hassle!

Keep in-sync with your existing business calendar and eliminate the back and forth communications in scheduling appointments, reminders and rescheduling.

To find out more about how the WSI can work for your business: Give us a call at +357-22675747


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