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Your website works as a tool to convert organic visitors into qualified leads. We’ll help you develop landing pages that are laser-focused, compelling and that motivate readers to take action.

Landing Page Design in Cyprus

Loading times matter

It doesn’t matter how amazing your landing page is if no one sticks around to see it. Unless your landing page loads within a couple of seconds, potential visitors are going to get impatient and move onto something else.



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Forms and CTAs

Your company needs contact info in order to move further into the relationship. Forms and call-to-action buttons allow you to capture that coveted email address – but don’t get too pushy too soon or you’ll scare them away!

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Testing to see what works

Testing, measuring and tweaking your landing page designs is critical to the success of your campaigns. We’ll help you determine what to improve and then show you how to monitor your results.





It’s not about Technology; it’s about Psychology…

Advertising is the art of getting people to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have”. That statement pre-dates the Internet by a number of decades, yet it is as true today as it was back then. A bit cynical? Perhaps, but let us not forget that in the Internet world people rarely stumble across a website without actively searching for something. If you have what they are looking for, your job is to help them find it.



Why are effective Landing Pages essential?

Landing Page Design Cyprus

A Landing page is where visitors land after clicking on an email link, a search engine result, a banner ad, or manually typing in a specific advertised address. Actually making use of that tidbit of knowledge is a little more complex. It’s easy to fall into the trap of throwing money into driving traffic and living with your conversion rate. Want more customers? Just buy more traffic. Not exactly efficient…or cost effective.

The scenario on the left illustrates that only an increase of 2% in conversion results in 240 additional customers WITHOUT increasing traffic. Depending on the lifetime value of those new customers, that might be a game changer for this particular business.
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WSI Consultants have been trained by industry leading firms like Google, Yahoo! and MarketingSherpa to design and test revenue generating landing pages for businesses like yours.


Landing Page Marketing That Converts

Landing page marketing is an extremely underrated digital marketing tactic. Everybody makes a lot of noise about traffic, and while it's important to get more eyeballs on your “stuff”, conversion - which is really what landing pages are focused on - doesn’t get enough of the credit.

It’s a simple numbers game. Okay not all numbers games are simple, but this one is easy. Let’s say your website converts one out of every 100 visitors (1/100 = 1% conversion rate). Most businesses focus on increasing traffic to get more conversions, which does work; if you can attract 100 more visitors, you’ll get one more conversion (2/200 = 1% conversion rate). Seems easy enough, but increasing traffic by 100% per day (or even per week) to get just one more conversion is actually hard (and can be a lot of work if you aren’t buying the traffic).

Don't Get Stuck In Traffic

But there’s another way! Instead of worrying about your traffic numbers, why not work with what you’ve got? If you invest in landing page marketing and improve your landing page design, messaging and calls to action, your conversion rate may increase to up to 3%. That’s just a measly 2% increase, right? Wrong. A 2% increase actually means better results and more return on your investment. The numbers don’t lie: 3% conversion rate = 3/100 visitors (3 is more than 1, and it took much less work).

Landing page marketing can make a world of difference, and when combined with other solutions like pay-per-click and display advertising, you can start to make significant strides for your business.

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