Why are effective landing pages essential?

A Landing page is where visitors land after clicking on an email link, a search engine result, a banner ad, or manually typing in a specific advertised address. Actually making use of that tidbit of knowledge is a little more complex.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of throwing money into driving traffic and living with your conversion rate.

Want more customers? Just buy more traffic. Not exactly efficient…or cost effective.

A landing page has a clear design 

It is  essential that the landing page's headline (h1) is exactly the same as the original link's subject that was clicked to 'land' on this page.

Do not direct incoming links systematically to your Home page but to specifically designed landing pages.

In the example below the add should point a landing page that talks about mass email marketing. landing page has the same subject as the originating link

Don't distract visitors with several messages : one clear message per landing page

Visitors need to understand immediately what they are expected to do: Add a clear 'Call to Action' on your landing page

Why Landing Page design is important


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