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2016 Overview of Digital Marketing Services provided by EworksWSI Cyprus

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Product Sheet - Competitive Analysis

Arm Yourself with Competitive Intelligence to Eliminate the Guesswork and Keep your Business ahead of your Competition. Outsmart, Outdo, Outperform your Competitors and Conquer the Digital Marketing battlefield. Digital marketing has revolutionized how businesses create and gain visibility. build and maintain their reputation, find new business opportunities. and cultivate long-term relationships with their audience. A WSI Competitive Analysis allows you to gain ... Read More

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Product Sheet - Content Marketing

Think of WSI's Content Marketing Solution as your company's bullhorn. It's the mechanism by which your brand can stand atop a mountain. stand out from the rest. and broadcast your message to your target audience. While it can augment your more traditional sales efforts. the true value of a content marketing strategy lies in its ability to turn website visitors into brand advocatesl So in lieu of one elevator speech after another. a content marketing plan propels your goals several leaps forward.

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Product Sheet - Display Advertising

A brand's name. logo and even their trademark colours can do promotional wonders. EworksWSl's display advertising solutions focus on the power behind meta-messaging which not only attracts a whole new customer base. but can also produce the kind of loyal following reminiscent of the biggest brands in the world. With the swift move from traditional advertising to the digital space, Display Ads offer your brand a new billboard that is sophisticated enough to t rail the kind of prospects who

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Product Sheet - Ecommerce

eCommerce in Cyprus: A boost in online Visibility and Quality Content will grab Prospects' Attention. Delivering valuable Content will not only Attract Qualified Leads, but will incite buyers to return for more while promoting your Business to others.

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Product Sheet - Email Marketing

Email Marketing - 2016: Your everyday business would not be the same without Email, right? EworksWSI's Email Marketing Solutions are more than just an email blast. THey are targeted, precise and engaging with the ultimate goal to increase loyalty, conversions and ROI.

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Product Sheet - Inbound Marketing

The right person, right place, right time - that's quality lead generation! and you even don't have to push. Let your prospective customers find you. WSI's Inbound Marketing strategies create an effective system that provides quality contetn tailored to attracting the right people towards your business.

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Product Sheet - Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization Helps You have your customers stay focused on exactly what they they are Looking for. Efficiently direct your potential Buyers along the purchase path (or funnel) you've Laid out for them

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Product Sheet - Marketing Automation

Replace manual. repetitive processes with efficient marketing automation systems without losing the personal touch. WSl's marketing automation solution is designed to connect multiple touchpoints across communication channels to build engagement and drive conversion. Marketing automation is a fully integrated solution using email marketing, landing pages, campaign management. lead scoring, social media tools, CRM integration and analytics. Put simply, it simplifies the sales and marketing cycle.

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Product Sheet - Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing in 2016 is an instrumental solution for giving your products and services an omnipresence in consumers' lives. Within seconds, you can connect and interact as if they were standing in your store or office. The rapidly growing popularity of smartphones and tablets have opened new. incredible opportunities to be - quite literally - within arm's reach of your customers at any given time or place. A great mobile marketing strategy has become as much of a necessity as mobile

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Product Sheet - PPC - Paid Search

WSl's pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is undeniably the quickest route for driving your website to the first page of Google. By utilising AdWords we employ industry proven methods to get you on the fast track to higher rankings. More clicks. and improved conversions. What many don't realise. however. is that paid search advertising also has the power to underscore your entire digital strategy around branding. competitor analysis. and SEO. Never before have your conversion strategies produced suc

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Product Sheet - Responsive WebDesign

Over the last 10 years, technology has advanced at an incredible rate. To the surprise of some in the business world, consumers have evolved just as quickly as mobile computing devices. This behavioral shift means that a customer's experience with your brand could span across multiple times and devices. A responsive web design solution enables you to build consistent digital properties that deliver a quality experience on every screen imaginable. When your website's user experience and design is

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Product Sheet - SEO

Our plan of attack when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is simple: adapt to the current digital environment. Major search engines - like Google for instance - have time and time again changed the playing field in order to improve user experience. And if you expect to remain competitive, you have no choice but to learn the new rules and accurately enhance your strategies. Adopting an adaptive mindset and deploying innovative SEO strategies are the only way you stand a chance at domin

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Product Sheet - Social Community Platform

Our Social Community Platform delivers an end to end solution for fusing social technologies with your business' goals. This ground-breaking platform aUows any team to bring a human element into the digital world while keeping your stakeholders - be they local or international- connected. Just imagine what a platform like this could do for your brand as it consolidates countless data sources while imultaneously extracting new business intelligence!

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Product Sheet - Social Media Marketing

Our outlook on Social Media Marketing involves steady and eloquent content that fosters a connection between brand and customer. Through the online social environment your brand is one vital step closer to your customer base, thereby gaining you insights, engagement channels and consumer Loyalty that are absolutely invaluable. Think of the social media world as your podium to show the masses what your brand is all about.

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Product Sheet - Video Marketing

Content is all the rage these days, but it's really compact content that's winning the attention of digital consumers. As the in fluence of smartphones and tablets becomes more pronounced, so too does the need for content that's easily digestible on various screen sizes, Video marketing solutions empower you to digitally reach customers with compact messages that can be consumed anywhere and on any device.

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Product Sheet - Web Analytics

Think of WSl's web analytics solutions as an pportunity to leverage a magical. all-seeing crystal ball. Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but it's a key digital solution that any marketing genius would tell you they NEVER leave home without' Leveraging specific data can - and will - help you discover the kind of details that j ust might transform your entire marketing strategy. Put simply, campaign met rics lift the blinders that often come with traditional marketing. Key web analytics allow

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Product Sheets in Greek

Prodcut Sheet Greek - Mobile Marketing

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