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Do you think of your website as “Income” or “Expense” when you analyze your annual Profit and Loss Statement? Your website is certainly the public face of your company, not only in Cyprus but internationally, and a well designed website will provide more than that. It’s the opportunity to engage your visitors and generate the traffic that affects the bottom line: phone calls, emails, submitted forms, transactions…

If your Website Doesn’t Make you Money… it’s Just an Expense

An Income producing website must be more than just a pretty face. An attractive and relevant look and feel to your site is essential; however don't think that just having a website is a strategy. At WSI Cyprus we design websites with a “Call to Action” that correspond to your target market. If your website doesn’t make you money… it’s just an expense.

A well designed website will:

  • Generate leads or sales for your business
  • Spread brand awareness across the web
  • Let you engage customers and potential customers alike
  • Help you become a well known authority in your industry

Lifecycle Methodology

When it comes down to getting work done for you, we follow a process-driven methodology called the WSI Lifecycle™. The Lifecycle methodology has six phases that help us understand your business and build a digital marketing plan that will get you great results. It's not by chance!

The six phases of the WSI Lifecycle™ are Discovery, Internet Business Analysis, Build, Implement, Measure and Manage Results. Each of these phases has a specific function and helps us create and implement the perfect digital marketing plan for your business. Read More

It all starts with a Domain Name

A good domain name is the basis of your web presence. Ideally your domain name should be easy to remember, straight to the point for your visitors and the Search Engines. An efficient domain name should include your name, business, location, all in a few characters. It is worth to give it some thought and do a domain name research, or let our experts do it for you. Read more

Conversion Architecture of your website

A stylish website is all well and good, but if it’s not generating leads or sales for your business then really, what’s the point? A nice looking website is part of our conversion strategy but not an objective in itself. At WSI we don’t just design websites that look great – we design websites that generate business. That is what conversion friendly design is all about. Our creative team can develop a look for your site that not only fits your vision and business goals, but will generate new business for your company in Cyprus and beyond! It’s time to mark your website firmly in the “Income” column! Read More


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 Website hosting

Your website is finished and has been tested and validated. Now you need to host it and make it available to the world! Many technologies exist to handle Website hosting. It remains a very technical subject and should be handled by a professional webhosting company. WSI proposes state of the art data centres that provide speed, security, 24/7 support, etc...

For Companies running websites in Cyprus, some legal webhosting parameters need to be taken as well into consideration: If you are collecting personal data (such as email addresses or phone numbers, addresses) through your website, you need to make sure that your company is allowed to host sensitive personal data outside the EU. Read More


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