EworksWSI support


EworksWSi digital marketing support

Open a support ticket

Our technicians provide support for our systems through our automated Support system.

Open a support ticket by sending an email to support@eworkswsi.com

Your support request will be logged and forwarded to the relevant person.
We will assign a case number and communicate this reference back to you.

All support requests are generally attended within 24h.

Telephone support

During office hours don't hesitate to contact EworksWSI by telephone on +357-22675747

Remote access digital marketing support

Remote access support

We can provide direct remote support by accessing your computer remotely.
  • Contact our office and explain your request.
  • Click here for opening a remote access session with our technician.
  • Our technician will only ask you the ID and password that the above link will provide.
  • ID and password are only valid for one single session.